The sheer amount of aftermarket power drawing accessories these days for Jeep JK Wrangler vehicles can be somewhat overwhelming, both for you and your JK's electrical system. Parts like off-road lights, high-grade stereo systems, winches, and CB radios all present plenty of options and all can quickly sap power from your Jeep's conventional battery when installed. Heavy duty electrical parts such as sealed batteries, high output alternators, and starters are perfect products to make sure your Jeep keeps its spark no matter what electrical accessory addition.

Stock conventional batteries do OK to keep your vehicle powered, but additional electrical accessories can quickly wear that stock battery out. An aftermarket heavy duty sealed battery provides the additional power your Jeep's electrical system needs to handle any added aftermarket electrical accessory. Plus, because these batteries are sealed to the elements, you never need to worry about maintenance or topping off the battery. Aftermarket sealed batteries mount in just about any position and even can sit side-by-side with another battery for a dual set up that can provide additional electrical capacity. Along with an aftermarket battery replacement, a high output alternator certainly is a good choice as it supplies additional power to keep the battery in top shape.

Heavy duty starter motors for the JK Wrangler are an excellent way to properly regulate power through the vehicle's electrical system. Adding an aftermarket starter ensures you will have the cranking capacity to get moving in all types of conditions. These aftermarket starter motors offer more torque than stock starters while drawing less amperage, making them perfect and reliable every time that key is turned.

Finally, whether you need a remote starter or switches for the dome light and doors, we carry an extensive inventory of electrical accessories like spark plugs, sensors, heavy duty battery terminals, and dash or pillar switches to fill every need and every budget.