Out of sight, out of mind. For some Jeep Wrangler JK owners, that is how they feel about the vehicle's exhaust. But while that restrictive factory exhaust may get you around town, you definitely are not getting everything you can out of the vehicle and there are a host of aftermarket exhaust options that will help add needed horsepower and fuel economy.

Today’s aftermarket JK exhaust upgrades like cat-back exhaust systems, headers, and performance mufflers are powerful ways to increase horses, torque and fuel efficiency, while lowering emissions and changing the vehicle’s sound – if you choose. Free-flowing cat back exhaust parts are extremely popular and help add performance because of its less-restrictive mandrel bent piping. This allows for an easier exhaust flow through all curves versus factory stock piping that is pinched at bend points. These exhaust parts are also great for JK Wrangler owners who love to work on their vehicles as the kits come complete with everything needed for installation.

JK Wrangler performance headers are parts designed to replace the stock exhaust manifold, and their individual tubes allow exhaust to flow unobstructed from the engine - thus eliminating back pressure and boosting power as well as low-end torque. For Jeep JK Wranglers, short tube headers are usually the most popular as they more easily fit the Jeep’s engine compartment. They also are designed to directly connect to existing pipe flanges, which makes cutting or welding unnecessary.

Finally, performance muffler replacements can help your Wrangler JK's exhaust flow and some even deepen the vehicle’s exhaust note. These parts can be either ‘direct fit’ - meaning they are built to fit the Wrangler JK, or ‘universal fit’ which may need modification. Direct fit mufflers also are usually a bolt-on application that closely matches the OE muffler and works well with the DIY crowd. Universal fit mufflers work on many different types of vehicles and can require professional installation, as cutting and welding are usually needed for fitment. It is also a good idea to know your vehicle’s exhaust piping dimensions as many of these mufflers are designed for specific sizes.