Many Jeep Wrangler JK owners head straight for suspension lift kit road, or tire and wheel lane, when they decide to modify their vehicles. While those are certainly fine choices, by doing so they can put tremendous stress on the JK's steering and brake components. Upgrading these parts will go far to make sure your on- and off-road travels remain safe and exciting.

Adding a lift on a JK Wrangler, as well as larger tires and wheels, can quickly change the vehicle's performance to the point where stock braking systems cannot accommodate the new components. Sometimes even moderate off-road use can put tremendous stress on these parts as well. Upgrading to high performance products like ceramic pads or vented rotors, as well as extreme performance and big brake kits, will ensure any increased braking requirements are not a concern. Plus, many of these parts are simple bolt-on upgrades that do not require cutting or adapters. Also, with plenty of brake hardware parts and brake line kits available, there are tons of options to shore up whatever other needs arise from modifying your Wrangler JK vehicle.

The same can be said for JK Wrangler steering componetry. Because suspension lift kits alter the angle of the vehicle, steering and handling can easily be compromised making for a rough and dangerous ride. This means parts like steering stabilizers, heavier duty steering shafts, linkage kits, heavy duty steering pumps, steering columns and boxes will all help bring the ride quality of your JK Wrangler back towards stock.