Radiance is the newest line of LED Light Bars from Rigid Industries designed to be an entry level bar, but that doesn't mean is lacking in features or quality! The housing is the same you will find on Rigid's original E-Series bars, offering outstanding construction and durability, while the LED chips and optics are all new. The first thing you notice about Radiance is that it's got a completely different look than any other light currently offered from Rigid. They feature a back lit housing with Rigid logos on both ends of the bar, proudly displaying your choice in LED lights to be the best in the industry. The back lighting also highlights the exposed printed circuit board behind the optics for a really modern "tech" look. With a dedicated wire for the backlighting, you can choose to run it independently of the main lights. Radiance will be offered in sizes ranging from 10" up to 50" and in your choice of Green, Red, White, and Blue backlighting.