WHAM! “What was THAT?” I don’t know, but we sure hit it hard.” The outcome here will depend on what kind of bumper was installed on this Jeep. OEM bumpers provide very little protection and, after a big “WHAM!” like this, will allow expensive damage to the vehicle. Strong aftermarket bumpers should be among our first Jeep modifications to avoid this expensive damage. Bumpers not only protect our prized Jeeps, but will enhance their looks and provide points for vehicle recovery and a place to mount a winch, lights, jack, etc. Once we decide what we want our bumpers to do, the sky’s the limit when it comes to bumper choices. Do you like big, heavy bumpers that offer maximum protection and a place to mount every accessory, or lightweight, stubby bumpers that provide some protection and maybe a place to mount a winch? Heavy weight usually means better protection; lighter weight can mean better vehicle performance. Bumper choices depend on what we do with our Jeeps. Many who ‘wheel in forests prefer heavy, full-width bumpers that not only protect the front of the Jeep, but also protect fender flares. A tree can be the best flare removal tool on the planet when hit just so. Hard-core rock crawlers usually choose “stubby” bumpers that are just a little wider than the frame rails and are lighter weight. Stubby bumpers offer outstanding clearance when navigating through obstacles and for big tires, which tend to rub on full-width bumpers during maximum articulation. Also available are mid-width bumpers that are in between full-width and stubby bumpers. Mid-width models provide more room for mounting accessories than a stubby, but aren’t as wide as full bumpers. Shopping for a Jeep Bumper doesn't have to be difficult. Visit for a wide selection of Jeep bumpers. The experts at Quadratec have already done the hardest work by finding some of the best bumper offerings on the planet. Now, it’s only a matter of choosing the bumpers that will work best for the way you use your Jeep.