Monday of Easter Jeep Safari means it's time for the annual Skyjacker Suspension trail ride. This year we were headed out to 7 Mile Rim and Wipeout Hill for a day of fun on the trails. After a quick morning meeting we were on our way a few miles North of Moab on highway 191 to the trail head. Once everyone was aired down we set out toward Tusher Tunnel, our first destination of the day. The attraction is a natural tunnel through the the cliff that has been eroded away by water seeping through cracks in the rock over thousands of years. At close to 100 feet in length, the tunnel was high enough to easily walk through, and the view of the valley on the opposite side of the tunnel was amazing! After a quick break we were back on the trail, headed towards Wipeout Hill. We stopped for lunch at a clearing on the slick rock which made for some very impressive pictures. Then it was on to what we really came for, the challenging hill descent known as Wipeout Hill. It's easy to see how the trail gets it's name, as one wrong move coming down and you could easily end up tumbling down to the bottom of the trail.