Expert Review

With Tire Deflators, what you want is a tool that can easily air your tires down.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well believe it or not, it goes a little more in-depth than that. Sure you can always go old school and use your house key to let the air out but this can take extra effort, time, and isn't very accurate.

On the market today there are various brands and styles of deflators and each work differently in their own way.

We purchased a set of The JT Brooks Automatic deflators and they immediately stood out from other deflators that we had used over the years.

From their accuracy to durability, let's break down the JT Brooks Automatic Tire Deflators and see why they standout above the rest.

Easy to set: Off Road Consulting airs down several hundred tires a year, and when we have a group or individual interested in purchasing the JT Brooks deflators, they are easy to explain and demo on how to set. The instructions say to - Deflate a tire to desired pressure, then screw on JT Brooks deflator. Undo set screw and turn center until air leaks out. Back off a hair and tighten set screw.


Accurate: Nothing is perfect when it comes to psi on tires because there are way too many variables. For instance temperature, weight of vehicle, type of valve stems, moisture in tire, tire balance beads...the list goes on.

What Off Road Consulting likes is the JT Brooks Deflators are accurate to the point you can actually just count exposed threads on one of the deflators, and then make the rest match and they will all be within a psi or two. Again, very simple to set.

The JT Brooks stay within a psi or two, unlike the competition that could fluctuate 5-10 psi. It is nice to be able to trust the JT Brooks Automatic Deflators and know that they will stay where you want with psi.

They shut off: Sounds pretty silly, right? Isn't that what they are supposed to do? Most deflators are designed to shut off, however, there are other brands that have a habit of sticking. You will definitely appreciate deflators that stop when they are supposed to. There is nothing more frustrating than attaching deflators to your valve stems, then walk away only to come back and find your tire or tires are flat.

There are a few reasons why deflators stick such as temperature and dirt. Off Road Consulting uses deflators 5-10 times a week and we need them to be reliable, especially when we use on a customer's vehicle. Our JT Brooks deflators have seen many diverse vehicles with various wheel and tire setups. They have been exposed to extreme heat and cold weather, rain and snow. Through it all there has never been an issue with JT Brooks Deflators sticking.

Deflate easily: Again, sounds like they are just doing their job, right? Tire deflators are supposed to DEFLATE! But not with all types. We have used some brands that you have to tap, unscrew and rescrew multiple times for them to start - who has time for that?

With JT Brooks Tire Deflators, if you happen to have an issue such as dirt, weather, etc. that causes the deflators to malfunction just pull the plunger and they start going to work.

This also works if you need just a little more deflation. Simply pull and hold the plunger and it decreases the air manually.

Stop quickly: When you are working with multiple vehicle types, weights, etc. not all of them use the same pressure. It is good practice to watch the tire bulge as it is are airing down. If you need to stop quickly just push in the plunger and the JT Brooks deflators will stop.

Pro series: Need to have psi flexibility? With the JT Brooks Pro Series, they allow you to set the pressure by an etched number instead of going through the setup process again for each vehicle you are airing down.

This works extremely well when you have a group of mixed vehicles and need to adjust differently to meet the air pressure needs of each individual vehicle, or vehicles with low profile tires or heavy trucks.

Off-Road Consulting has been using J.T. Brooks deflators for a few years and we have been very impressed with their durabililty, precision, and dependable design. Made in the USA, we recommend this product to our customers and other avenues in the off road industry. Next time you need to air down and reach for that key, consider investing in a set of J.T. Brooks Automatic Tire Deflators.

They are faster and more accurate than that key!