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Your Jeep's steering stabilizer is basically a shock absorber for your steering system, and helps erase any shimmy, shake or wobble while you are driving so you remain in control of your vehicle at all times. However, these stabilizers can wear out and become useless thanks to larger tires or suspension lift kits, so it is definitely important to replace or upgrade when needed.

For many, steering on a Jeep can be rough and the smallest bump or pothole can cause all kinds of steering issues. So swapping out the vehicle's steering stabilizer to something a bit more heavy duty can make all the difference. And for those who upgrade to larger tires and a suspension lift kit, it is almost a must have for driving enjoyment. Besides adding weight, larger tires and lift kits also change suspension angle which makes it more difficult for a stock steering stabilizer to do its job. The additional shock dampening of a heavy-duty stabilizer takes the fatigue away and puts the steering back into your hands. Most stabilizers reattach to the factory mounting points, or have brackets available to mount.

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