Jeep Wheel Bolt Patterns & Typical Lug Bolt Torque Specifications
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Nothing changes the look of your Jeep quicker and more drastically than a new set of wheels. So whether you're looking for black, silver, gunmetal or polished wheels, you're sure to find your next set of wheels in our huge selection. And a new set of wheels can do more than just change the aesthetics of your Wrangler. Selecting a wheel with less backspacing will push your wheels further out, allowing you to run wider tires. A larger diameter wheel can also create the room needed for larger brakes.

If you're looking for serious off-road performance, functional bead-lock wheels will allow you to air down to ridiculously low air pressure for the maximum amount of traction. Even if you don't need the extreme performance of a functional bead-lock, simulated bead-lock wheels not only look aggressive, but the simulated ring will protect the face of your wheels from rock rash while off-road, keeping your wheels looking great!