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Quadratec Modular Winch Ready Front Bumper, LED Fog Light Kit & Q9500i Self Recovery Winch is no longer available
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Quadratec Modular Winch Ready Front Bumper, LED Fog Light Kit & Q9500i Self Recovery Winch for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK

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FREE LED Fog Lights! with Quadratec Modular Winch Ready Bumper & Q9500i Winch!
Quadratec’s Modular Winch Ready Bumpers are a multi piece steel design that uses 4mm thick plate and 3” diameter removable grill guard hoops and detachable end caps. Bolts directly to existing mounting points with no drilling and features an integrated 6mm thick winch plate. Bumpers are e-coated for corrosion resistance and finished with a durable black textured powder coating. Bumper measures 71” wide and features factory fog lamp provisions in the end caps. With end caps removed, bumper measures 43.5” wide providing additional tire clearance if needed. Includes hardware pack and detailed instructions and a Three Year Limited Warranty.
Fog Lights
Plug-n-play! With No Modifications!
Enjoy the experience of an improved fog light pattern with a clearer beam cutoff and brighter output. Replace those dim factory incandescent fog lamps with a Quadratec LED upgrade. Features a solid state maintenance free design with advanced photometric technology for a crisper and whiter light output that’s closer to the color temperature of actual daylight. Guaranteed to deliver dramatic improvements or your money back! Lenses have a distinct customized appearance while bringing function and styling to a higher level. The rugged body construction features die-cast aluminum housings with crystal clear impact resistant polycarbonate lenses and beam height adjustment screws. The solid state electronics and powerful LEDs are protected by water tight seals. These drop-in replacements are truly plug-n-play requiring no modifications and installation takes only 20-30 minutes and uses the existing factory steering column switch to operate. Each lamp aims 2 high powered LEDs at a computer designed muti-surface reflector that disperses the light into a distinct and optimized fog beam pattern. Our exclusive design installs in place of the factory lamps using the existing mounting hardware. Once installed you’ll immediately appreciate a whiter, crisper light that provides greater visibility when driving in foul weather. Our lamps meet DOT and SAE federal motor vehicle safety standards and are approved for highway use in all 50 states and come with Quadratec's 3 Year Limited Warranty. Sold in Pairs. Not compatible with 10th Anniversary or Hardrock Steel Front Bumpers.

Q9500i Winch
Engineered specifically for Jeep® Wrangler, our NEW integrated solenoid winches deliver increased line pull ratings for extra pulling capacity with the same great features as our Standard Q-Series winches. All Quadratec Winches are manufactured in our state of the art ISO 9001 factory and are CE certified for our international customers. Take advantage of Quadratec's massive purchasing power and get the lowest priced winch in its class. The fixed solenoid design provides a sleek finished look and simplified installation with less wiring. The die cast finned aluminum solenoid housing dissipates heat under heavy winch loads while providing rugged durability. The powerful 4.8 HP series wound motor and class leading low gear ratios provide fast line speeds while the battery friendly low current draw gives you the generous winching time from your battery charge. You also get an industry best Limited Lifetime Warranty on mechanical parts and a 1 year Warranty on all electrical components. Includes detailed installation instructions and a handy glove box Winch Operators Guide. Measures 22.25" long x 6.25 wide x 8" high.
Ramsey Superwinch T-Max
Model Q9500i Patriot 9500 Talon 9.5i EWI-9500
Capacity 9500 lbs 9500 lbs 9500 lbs 9500 lbs
Warranty LL/1Y LL/1Y LL/3Y 3L/1Y
Gear Reduction to 1*** 212 138 148 218
Cable Diameter .375 .313 .375 .328
Cable Length 100' 105' 85' 100'
Line Speed fpm @ 8000#** 8.6 7.8 5 8.8
Motor Draw @ 8000#** 300 Amps 430 Amps 430 Amps 360 Amps
Price $359.99 $950.99 $894.99 $679.99
Best in Class Score 4 2 3 3
*Rated at 8500#       **First Layer of Cable
LL= Limited Lifetime         Y= Year
*** Gear Reduction to 1, otherwise known as the "Gear Ratio". A higher numerically gear ratio will provide slower and more powerful pulling while also providing the least amount of amp draw on your battery because the winch motor doesn't need to try as hard. A lower numerically gear ratio will pull faster but also put more amp draw on your battery.

Features Included:
1 Class Leading Line Pull Ratings for Extra Pulling Capacity
2 Heavy Cast Aluminum - Heat Dissipating Solenoid Housing
3 Pre-Assembled and Pre-Wired with Simplified Installation
4 Superior Off Road Durability with Rugged Sleek Looks
5 Hefty Clutch Control
6 Case Hardened Input Gears
7 Case Hardened Intermediate Gears
8 Case Hardened Output Gears
9 Stainless Steel Hardware Throughout
10 Case Hardened Hex Drive Shaft
11 Load Holding Brake System
12 Winch Drum is Case Hardened
13 High Strength Aluminum Tie Bars
14 Shaft Coupler is Case Hardened
15 Solid Copper and Brass Power Terminals
16 Durable Powder Coat Finish
17 Powerful 4.8 Horsepower Series Wound Motor
18 Heavy Duty Integrated Solenoid
19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable 100' x 3/8"
20 Stainless Steel Safety Latch
21 Forged Steel Clevis Hook
22 Nylon Safety Hook Strap
23 High Visibility Rubberized Winch Remote with 12' Cord
24 Solid Copper Battery Cables
25 Zinc Plated Roller Fairlead

Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 2Intermediate
Installation Time: 3-5 hours
Parts Included
  • Front Bumper Center Section
  • Grill Guard
  • Full Width End Caps
  • Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • 2 LED Fog Lights
  • Wiring Pigtail
  • Q9500i Winch
  • Zinc Plated Roller Fairlead
  • 100' x 3/8" Aircraft Cable
  • Forged Steel Clevis Hook
  • Nylon Safety Hook Strap
  • 12' Wire Remote Control
  • Installation Hardware
  • Features: Bumper Hoop, Grille Guard, Integrated Fog Light Mounts, Integrated Winch Mount, Light Mount Tabs, Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Modular Bumper
  • Material: Steel
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