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Vision X XP LED Rock Light

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Knowing what obstacles are just ahead of your tires and under your Jeep are indispensable when off-roading. Add to that the element of darkness and you are now faced with a much more challenging time to make it home safe. Vision X offers their 9-Watt XP LED Rock Light system to help you see rocks, trees, and other potential obstructions at night. Available either individually, as a 4-pack, or a 6-pack, and in White, Red, Blue, Amber, Green, or Multi-Color RGB (Remote included!) allowing you to customize your night wheeling or mall parking lot experience. Each pod is 9-Watts, comes with a flat and tube mount base, and the kits include control boxes for easy installation without cutting and splicing. These pods are waterproof for ultimate durability!

Powerful: 9-Watts per pod provide bright, usable lighting, especially in the White LED option.

Waterproof: Due to each pod being waterproof you can mount these in many different locations on your Jeep.

Unlimited Color Options: The Multi-Color RGB option allows for nearly endless color options!

Parts Included
  • LED Pod Light(s)
  • Flat Mounting Base(s)
  • Tubular Mounting Base(s)
  • Multi-Color RGB Kits Include Remote
4-Year Limited Warranty
  • Features: LED
  • Color: Cool White LED or Red LED or Blue LED or Amber LED or Green LED or Multi-Colored
  • Light Pattern: Wide
  • Lighting Type: Oval
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Vision X XP LED Rock Light Options

Part NumberCatalog #Price
993929397022.01101-Rock LightWhite$23.00
992928697022.01111-Rock LightRed$23.00
992926297022.01121-Rock LightBlue$23.00
992925597022.01131-Rock LightAmber$23.00
992927997022.01141-Rock LightGreen$23.00
992935497022.01204-Rock Light KitWhite$119.00
992934797022.01214-Rock Light KitRed$119.00
992931697022.01224-Rock Light KitBlue$119.00
992930997022.01234-Rock Light KitAmber$119.00
992932397022.01244-Rock Light KitGreen$119.00
992933097022.01254-Rock Light KitMulti-Color RGB$139.00
992941597022.01306-Rock Light KitWhite$189.00
992940897022.01316-Rock Light KitRed$189.00
992937897022.01326-Rock Light KitBlue$189.00
992936197022.01336-Rock Light KitAmber$189.00
992938597022.01346-Rock Light KitGreen$189.00
992939297022.01356-Rock Light KitMulti-Color RGB$209.00
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