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Spidertrax LSK-I300OS Offroad Front Ultimate Knuckle Housing Ends for 3" OD Spider 9 Housings

Catalog #: 52450.1710
Spidertrax Part #: LSK-I300OS
With over 3 years of competition testing and more top place finishes then we can count, Spidertrax Ultimate 60 Knuckles have quickly become the #1 front knuckle among top rock crawling and rock racing teams. But what makes Spidertrax knuckles outperform the competition in ALL areas of quality, strength, and price? Here is a list of key advantages on what makes our knuckles stand out from the crowd:
  • Light Weight - This knuckle blows away the competition when it comes to weight. Our complete knuckle set (inner & outer for both sides) sits under 70 lbs., roughly 2 times less weight then OEM style 60s! Don't confuse weight for strength either. With over 3 years of competition testing, these knuckles are proven stronger then OEM and other aftermarket 60 knuckles.
  • Compact Design - This knuckle hugs the u-joint tighter then any OEM or aftermarket design currently on the market. This allows for a more compact setup while achieving an impressive 50° of steering angle.
  • Serviceability - The use of a spherical ball & race combo eliminates the bulk and weakness of standard ball joint setups and provides a much simpler package then kingpins. These spherical setups are designed specifically for axial loading (8000 lbs. ea. / 16,000 lbs. per knuckle!) and can handle plenty of punishment. Plus the use of two 3/4" shoulder bolts with matching one-piece shim washer per knuckle allows for easy assembly and disassembly.

This knuckle kit is designed to press fit onto a Spider 9 housing with 3" OD tube and accepts the Spidertrax 1 Ton Unit Bearing (unit bearing mounting hardware included).

Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 4Experts Only

1. Professional Assembly Recommended.

Installation Time: 4-6 hours
Parts Included

Qty 2: Inner Housing Ends
Qty 2: Outer Housing Ends
Qty 4: Spherical Balls
Qty 4: Races
Qty 4: Snap Rings
Qty 4: Shoulder Bolts
Qty 8: Allen Head Bolts
Qty 4: Lock Nuts
Assorted Washers

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