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PowerTank® Basic 15lb. System

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The Power Tank gives you the highest performance of any type of on-board air system on the market at any price. Our Power Tank air systems feature our patented Superflow HPX high performance CO2 regulators. Each SuperFlow HPX regulator pumps out an amazing 31 cfm flow rate (25% higher than 2004). No other CO2 system can match our performance, versatility, or our limited lifetime warranty. The PT-15 holds 50% more air than the PT-10. We recommend the PT-15 for 36"+ tires OR for those who would like to carry more air on the trail. The larger size allows you to air up and repair more tires between fills. Many customers consider the larger size also for extended air tool use. The added capacity is more economical since the fill cost is the same as filling the 10 lb. size. The photo shows the optional black tank boot at the base of the tank. This Tank is just 30" tall including the handle.
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