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Air Armor M240 Special Ops Air Compressor

Catalog #: 92044.0010
Air Armor Part #: M240
The Air Armor with it's ammo can style carrying case is a great accessory for any Jeep owner. This handy compressor can inflate a Jeep tire in under 2 minutes and can fill all 4 tires without resting. The built in over pressure bleed valve will protect against pump damage and has a 100% duty cycle for 15 minutes. With a flow rate of over 3500 cubic inches and max pressure of 120psi this compressor will have you on your way home from the trail in minutes. The 25' easy to coil air service hose connects to the unit with an "M" style 1/4" quick release air fitting and includes a lock on ball foot air chuck.The durable metal ammo can keeps and protects the compressor and accessories.
Included Accessories:
  • 4 way valve tool (Removes valve cores and re-taps damaged tire valve threads inside and out)
  • 10 to 120 PSI dual-sided, angled foot tire gauge
  • 5 to 50 PSI pencil style metal tire gauge
  • Replacement fuse
  • Tire Repair Kit

Parts Included

Ammo Storage Can
4 Way Valve Tool
Tire Gauge
Tire Repair Kit

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