Project TJ: Overland
Looking for some inspiration for your Jeep? Check out how our employee Sean is transforming his 1997 Wrangler into an overland inspired TJ.
1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ Product Categories

97-06 Wrangler Winches

Choose from a variety of winches and mounting options from big name brands such as Warn, Ramsey and Superwinch.


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97-06 Wrangler Hardtops & Accessories

Outfit your Wrangler with a hardtop to fight off the elements, or repair your hardtop to seal it up tight.

97-06 Jeep Wrangler Body and Frame

Choose from wide fender flares, replacement body panels and a variety of other accessories for your Wrangler.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Wheels

New wheels are a great way to completely change the look of your vehicle. Choose from steel or aluminum in a variety of colors.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Interior

Shop our variety of trim panels, floor mats, cargo liners and other popular upgrades for the inside of your Jeep.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Armor & Protection

Protect your Jeep from damage with skid plates, rocker guards, nerf bars and sill guards.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Tires

Tires can make or break your off-roading trips. Choose from the best brands and give your TJ the traction it needs.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Lift Kits

Wranglers are known for being easy to lift, and we have the kits that will help you get it done right.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Bumpers

Choose an off-road bumper for better protection against the wild. Front and rear bumpers are available.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Driveline

Your driveline can take a beating, but we've got the parts to repair and upgrade your Wrangler's driveline.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Lighting

See through the dark nights with some upgraded lighting. LED's, HID's and high powered Halogens are popular now.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Audio & Electronics

Having trouble hearing your music with the top down? We've got some sound system upgrades that will fix it.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Engine

The TJ was offered with a 4 or 6 cylinder engine. Get the parts to repair or upgrade, no matter which one you have.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Exhaust

Repair a broken exhaust or upgrade to a new stainless one. We've got a huge selection of cat-back systems too.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Soft Tops

Shop replacement soft top fabric, or get a whole new top. The easy way is to use our Soft Top Advisor.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Lifestyle

Sticker it up, or choose from our variety of sweatshirts, t-shirts, collectibles and more.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Doors

Take off your doors and hang them neatly on the wall, then replace them with some safari doors!

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Electrical

Repair or upgrade your electrical system with a Mean Green alternator or dual battery setup.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Tools

You can't fix your rig without the proper tools. Plus, we've got touch-up paint to cover up your trail rash.

97-06 Wrangler TJ Jeep Steering & Brakes

If you've got steering wobble, we've got the fix. Upgrade your end joints with heavy duty ones.