Power. When you drive a JK Wrangler it seems like there is never enough. Then you add in today's heavy aftermarket accessories like winches, lift kits, larger tires, bumpers, and body armor, and you can be left scratching your head, wondering where all the ponies went. So that's why many turn to aftermarket solutions to regain those lost horses. Products like high flow air filters or intakes, hand held programmers, and even power-enhancing superchargers, are all designed to help you regain that juice lost from aftermarket accessory additions while also improving fuel economy.

Replacing your JK Wrangler's stock air filter with a drop in high flow aftermarket filter is an inexpensive way to improve air flow to your engine, which results in a small power and performance gain. Plus, these filters can be washed and re-oiled (if needed) so they usually are the last replacement filter you ever need. Cold air intake parts have that same idea as they use a washable and re-usable air filter on one end, but then include a tube from the filter that directly draws air into the engine for a higher torque and horsepower gain.

Programmers and tuners are another way JK owners can easily add power and performance to their Jeep without draining their wallets. These parts plug in directly to the JK's diagnostic port and make a copy of the factory-provided tune - then write a new tune to the factory computer which increases horsepower, adjusts the vehicle's idle, changes shift points while some even can clear diagnostic trouble codes and lock Rubicon lockers in 4-HI. Many are even upgradable when new tuning programs become available.

For the most power around, many JK Wrangler owners look to Jeep Supercharger kits as these provide over a 40% increase in horsepower and torque from your engine, while providing a sustainable boost with no lag that holds up in just about all conditions like high altitude, desert, and cold wet climates. These kits also boast a fuel economy gain of 1-4 miles per gallon on average, depending on driving conditions. In addition, Supercharger kits are mainly bolt on parts that can be installed in one or two afternoons.

Generating more power is definitely important for Jeep Wrangler JK owners, but keeping the vehicle from overheating while doing so is important as well. Heavy duty performance radiators maximize a Jeep's cooling efficiency by up to 20 percent over the stock radiator, which reduces engine heat generated from off-roading or from gaining additional horsepower. Many heavy duty performance radiators even direct fit parts which makes installation easy with no cutting or modifications.

We also carry an extensive inventory of replacement engine and fuel system parts such as fuel tanks, pumps, oil pans, belts, cables, gaskets, and hardware for those just want to repair or replace stock components and keep their vehicle running.