Not everyone who owns a Jeep Wrangler JK loves soft tops. Yet, a huge number of soft top JKs are sold each year because most people believe these tops have more versatility than anything else out there. Truth is, today's hard tops can give just about any soft top out there a ride for its money.

Many JK Wrangler hard tops come with removable panels that easily open up the cab, while improvements in full top removal and storage make owning one these days not so much of a, er, hard choice. Even if you already own a hard top, there are a bunch of accessory and replacement parts available to fix up or improve your hard top.

When looking at hard tops for your Wrangler JK, there are certainly plenty of exceptional features that set them apart from soft tops. For one, the top's fiberglass construction gives it just about a forever lifespan. Also, they do not tear, suffer stitching or have zipper issues, and their glass windows hold up much better than plastic soft top windows. Plus, the top's shell will not puncture like soft top material so security, as well as noise reduction, is superior.

When it comes to removing a Jeep Wrangler JK hard top, the process does not have be a two-person job. Not with the available hoist options out there that help you lift off - and even store - your top whenever you want. Hard top quick removal kits can even speed this process and help make it on-par with the time it takes most people to disengage and recline their soft top. Storage products like hard top carts and panel bags also make it easy to remove and safely put away those parts until you are ready to reattach. Other accessories like seals, panel insulation, glass, wiring, and hinges, can help you easily repair any hard top issue you encounter.