Your new Wrangler JL is a beautiful, elegant and rugged machine. Of course it is, that's why you bought the thing right? But did you know that despite your best efforts, that beautiful machine could start showing some wear on its body pretty quick without taking precautions?

So why not make sure your vehicle stays as pristine as possible by guarding the body and door entrances with tough armor and protection pieces like door sill guards, side steps or rock sliders.

The bottom of the JL Wrangler's door frame is almost like those high-traffic carpeted areas of your house. They can get scratched up, dinged, or nicked pretty easily just by getting in and out of the vehicle. So Mopar's door sill guards are a great product to eliminate that type of wear and tear. Similarly, a nice set of side steps can help protect the outer doors from things like tree branch impacts on down to shopping cart dings. They also make it easy, hence the name, to step in and out of the vehicle - especially after slapping on a suspension lift. A nice set of strong running boards or rock sliders step up that protection game and are a great tool to keep those doors and frame from potential trail damage while off road.

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