The innate need to take a stock Jeep Wrangler JL and add a spacer or suspension lift is something that is ingrained into many of the vehicle's enthusiast owners. Not only do these type of kits allow for a more rugged appearance when incorporated with larger tires, but it also helps the Wrangler attack just about any kind of off road activity.

For those planning on using the vehicle mainly as a daily driver, but wishing to add a bit more of a rugged look, then spacer lifts provide the most economical and best way to raise the vehicle without changing suspension components. These lifts include steel coil spacers to help raise the vehicle, while adding shock extensions and longer sway bar end links. Some kits even include new shocks or coil springs to refine ride quality.

To other owners, though, full suspension lifts with all new shocks, coils, sway bars, control arms and other suspension accessories provide the best alternative when lifting their vehicle. These kits can differ slightly in shock type and the amount of components, allowing for personal preference in ride quality, but that end result is beefier products that allow for larger tires and stand up to just about any off road elements.