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Quadratec Knowledge Center

Safety & Recalls

Teraflex TSB 080701
Issue: Snap Ring failure and premature bushing wear on the TeraFlex FlexArm and JK Track Bar Joints.
Product Recalls
Product Safety Recalls.
Flat Towing a Jeep® Wrangler
A short description of how to tow a Jeep behind a recreational vehicle.


Torque Ratings for Grade 5 & Grade 8 Fasteners
A chart showing the standard torque ratings for common size fasteners

Tires & Wheels

Tire Fitment Guide for Lifted Jeep Applications
A Jeep Vehicle comparison chart for lift height to tire size ratios
Understanding Metric Tire Measurements
A chart to convert Metric tire measurements to Imperial while explaining what the numbers mean.
How to Read a Tire.
A brief summary of how to read the markings on the sidewall of your tire.
How to Maintain Your Tires
How to maintain your tires for better gas mileage and tire life.
Wheel Bolt Patterns & Typical Lug Nut Torque Specifications
Chart showing Lug bolt patterns with torque specifications and instructions for determining bolt patterns.
Gear Ratio Guide for Larger Tires
A chart showing optimal gear ratios for lifted vehicles with larger tires to obtain the best power ratio.
Wheel Terminology
A list of terms used when discussing wheels.
Caster, Camber & Toe Explained.
Simple allignment terms explained.
Off-Road 101 on Tires by TeraFlex
An article about tires and how they function off-road by TeraFlex.
Radial and Bias Tire Construction Differences
An article discussing the differences in Radial and Bias-Ply tire construction.
Tire Safety Suggestions
Tire tips to help maintain tire life and safety by the Rubber Manufacturers Association.
What's Inside a Radial Tire?
A dissection of a tire provided by the Rubber Manufacturers Association.
Mickey Thompson Tire and Rim Match Mounting Suggestions for Maximum Uniformity
A step by step guide to proper mounting of tires and rims for improved ride and handling characteristics.
Tire Terminology
An explanation for common tire terms
Spidertrax Wheel Spacers & Adaptors
An article reprinted from JRations magazine explaining how wheel spacers work.
Tire & Gear Ratio Calculations
Common calculations to help you figure out tire size, ratio, and speed.

Steering & Brakes

Jeep TJ Driveway Alignment
Simple driveway tricks to help you get to an alignment shop after installing a lift kit on a Jeep TJ.
Bump Steer Explained
An explination of Bump Steer and how to solve it.
Master Cylinder Bleeding Made Easy
A step by step buy to bleeding a replacement master cylinder.
Bleeding Brakes
How to pedal bleed a braking system properly.
Speed Bleeder Installation
Installation of do it yourself brake bleeding system.
Teraflex Steering Diagram
A diagram from Teraflex that shows how bumpsteer can be avoided by aligning suspension and steering components.

Soft & Hard Tops

Fabric Cleaning Methods For Your Soft Top
An explination of how to clean soft top material.
Bestop Soft Top Color Selection and Year Ranges
Color Swatches for Bestop Soft Tops and the years they were used.
How to protect your Bestop Soft Top Products
A summary of how to protect your Bestop Products.
Jeep Wrangler Factory Soft Top Hardware Configurations
A picture guide to what factory OEM soft top hardware looks like for Wranglers.
Bestop Glossary of Terms
An explination of the terms used in Bestop soft tops.
Jeep Wrangler Bestop Supertop Soft Top Hardware Configuration
A description of the Supertop hardware for both YJ's and TJ model Wranglers.

On the Trail

Off-Road Dictionary by TeraFlex
A collection of common off-road related terms as presented by TeraFlex.
What To Carry In Your 4x4 and Equipping Your Vehicle
An informative article by Rick Russle of Sidekick Offroad of what to carry on the trail.
On-Board Air Systems Explained
Brad Kilby explains what is needed for an engine driven on-board air system.
4wd Owners Tips
A simple article discussing how 4wd vehicles are different from other cars on the roads and the safety needed in driving them.


Identify Your Jeep
A guide to help identify which type of Jeep vehicle you have.
Jeep Vehicle Guide
This Chart Explains what Jeep vehicle has what letter designation. Courtesy of Jim Allen.
Common Types of Vehicle Fittings
A diagram showing the various types of fittings used on a vehicle.
Jeep Wrangler 2005-2006 TJ Specifications
Factory Specifications for the 2005 - 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ
Jeep Wrangler 2007-2011 JK Specifications
Factory specifications for the 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK
Jeep 2007-2011 Wrangler Unlimited JK Specifications
Factory specifications for the 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK.
Metric to Standard Conversion Chart
A handy chart to convert metric measurements to standard measurements.
Jeep Vehicle Wheelbase Chart
A handy chart showing the wheel base of most Jeep vehicles.
Jeep Wrangler Fluid Capacities
A nice handy chart to show you how much fluid the different parts of your vehicle require.
Steel Gauge Conversion Table
A conversion for sheet metal guage thickness to Inches and MM.
Diagnostic Codes for 2007 to Current Jeep Wrangler JK
A list of easily obtainable codes to diagnose problems with the 2007 and newer Wrangler's.

Lighting, Lenses & Bulbs

Lighting Made Easy
An article explaining the differences between various forms of highway and off-road lighting.
Headlight Aiming Tips
When lifting Jeeps the headlights are often over looked so use this simple guide to adjust your headlights aiming pionts.

Lift Kits & Suspension

Old Man Emu Suspension Terminology
A simple guide to terms used in OME Suspensoin guides
Superlift Suspension Lingo
Some common, and sometimes funny, terms used in suspension provided by Superlift.
Installation of a Rubicon Express Budget Boost Lift Kit
Simple article with photos on the installation of an RE Budget Boost kit. Can be used with any 'puck' style lift.
Shackle Length and Their Impact on Spring Movement
A summary of how different shackles can impact a leaf sprung suspension.


Inside a MasterCraft Racing Seat.
Details on the construction of a MasterCraft Racing Seat.
Sony Head Unit Install Article from J Rations Magazine
Quadratec delivers a true plug-n-play system for those looking to upgrade their Jeep Wrangler TJ's audio environment.


Catalytic Converters Explained
The truth about catalytic converters explained by Random Technology.
Exhaust System Components and Design
A summary of what parts make up and exhaust sytem, and why.
Exhaust System Basics
An article explaining why you need an exhaust and what influences exhaust design.
What is Horsepower?
How horsepower is determined.
How a Muffler is Constructed
Inside mufflers to see how they baffle engine sound.

Engine & Fuel System

Air Filter Facts
Article explaining how airfilters work and the reason why K&N is the worlds best air filter.
OBDI codes for Jeep vehicles 1990 through 1997
A chart showing all OBD I codes for Jeep vehicles.
OBDII Codes for Jeep Vehicles 1997 to Current
A short list of OBDII codes used in Jeep vehicles. OBDII Code Reader Required
OBD Acronyms and Jargon
A listing of OnBoardDiagnostics abbreviations and terms.
K&N Premium Oil Filters
An article showing the benefits of using a K&N Premium Oil Filter.
Automotive Instrument Functions
What instrument guages are what and why you need them.
Engine Enhancements
A summary of engine modifications and what they do.
Engine Size Conversion Table
A handy guide to reference engine size from Liters to Cubic Centimeters, Cubic Inches and back.
Jeep Engine Guide
A guide to what engine was and is in what Jeep.
Cooling System Overview
A simple overview of a vehicles engine cooling system.
Fan Clutch Diagnosis
How to determine if your temerature controlled fan clutch is operating properly.
Internal Combustion Engine Basics
An article describing how an average engine works.
OBD Acronyms
A summary of acronyms used in OBD system diagnostics.


Reading an Engines Spark Plugs
An article showing how to diagnose common spark plug conditions and their causes.
Jeep Electronic Control Unit Reset
A simple procedure to reset the ECU for 91' or newer Jeep Wranglers.
12 Volt Wiring Distance and Gauge Chart
A simple chart explaining the gauge wire to use with a set amperage at a set distance.
How to use a Multi-Meter
An article discussing how to use a multimeter in diagnosis of electrical problems in a Jeep vehicle.
Ohm's Law Defined
An article explaining the relationship between power, voltage, current and resistance.


Driveline Geometry 101
An informative article that simplifies the changes made to a driveline when a vehicle is lifted courtesy of Tom Woods
Drive Shaft Slopes & Angles
An article explainin drive shaft slopes and angles courtesy of Tom Woods.
Powertrax Axle Differential ID Guide
A simple chart to allow the identification of axles by their differential covers.
Detroit Locker FAQ
Allows the use to test and see if their Detroit Locker from Tractech is functioning properly.
Universal Joint Size Chart for Jeep Axles and Driveshafts
A chart showing the common drive shaft and axle shaft u-joint sizes.
Jeep Factory Axle Identification Chart
A chart provided by Crown Automotive that allows the identification of the factory axles in Jeep vehicles.
Transmission Identification Chart for 1941-1979 Jeep Vehicles
Advance Adapters Transmission Identification chart for 1941-1979 Jeep Vehicles.
How to Maintian Your Driveshafts
An exceptional article from Tom Woods explaining how to maintenance your drive shafts.
Drive Shaft Failure
A summary of drive shaft failures & their causes provided by Tom Woods.
Driveline Harmonic Vibration Explained
An article by Tom Woods explaining how harmonics are created in the drive line.
Transfer Case Identification Chart for 1941-1979 Jeep Vehicles
Advance Adapters Transfer Case Identification chart for 1941-1979 Jeep Vehicles.
Manual Transmission Identification Chart for 1980-1986 Jeep Vehicles
Advance Adapters Transmission Identification chart for 1980-1986 Jeep Vehicles.
Transfer Case Identification for 1987-2007 Jeep Vehicles
Advance Adapters summary of the NP200 Series Transfer case widely used in Jeep from 1987-2006.
Manual Transmission Identification for 1987-2008 Jeep Vehicles
Advance Adapters Manual Transmission Identification chart for 1987-2006 Jeep Vehicles.
Transfer Case Identification for 1980-1986 Jeep Vehicles
Advance Adapters Transfer Case Identification chart for 1980-1986 Jeep Vehicles.
Jeep® Speedometer Gear Tooth Chart
When putting larger tires or changing gear ratios in a Jeep the speedometer gear must also be changed to allow the speedometer to show an accurate speed.
Installation of a RockCrusher Differential cover for a Model 30 front axle.
Installation of a RockCrusher heavy duty differential cover. Also a simple how-to on changing differential fluid.
Off-Road 101 on Low-Range from TeraFlex
An article on the use of low-range while going off-road by TeraFlex.
Transmission Clutch Basics
The parts of the clutch assembly are broken down and described along with their function.
Differentials Explained - Standard or Open Differential
An article explaining how an open axle differential works.
Differentials Explained - Limited Slip Differential
An article explaining the different forms of limited slip.
ARB Locker Installation
An instillation of an ARB Air Locker in a Dana Model 30 Axle.
Jeep Wrangler YJ Posi-Lok Installation
An installation of a Posi-Lok to cure an ailing 4wd shifting problem in may YJ's and XJ's.
Wrangler Axle Differential Ratio Sheet
A quick summary of Wrangler YJ & TJ models Drive line components.
Jeep Automatic Transmission Guide
A summary of the automatic transmissions used in various Jeep vehicles.
How Constant Velocity (CV) Joints Work
A simple diagram and explanation of how CV joints work.
About Viscous Couplers
An explanation from Crown Automotive about how Viscous Couplers work.
Hydraulic Bleeding of External Clutch Slave Cylinders
How to bleed slave cylinders without an external bleed screw.
The basics of 4:1 Transfer Case gearing.
An article by Teraflex explaining how a 4:1 kit works for the NP231 Transfer Case
Easy Gear Ratio Determination
A simple test to determine your gear ratio.
Which Axle Type is Better?
A summary of common types of axles used in vehicles.
Differential Torque Values
A chart for showing the needed torque values for differential assembly.
Ring & Pinion Ratio Calculation Chart
A simple chart showing the number of teeth in the pinion and the ring gear to decipher what ratio you may have.
Choosing An Axle
A short summery of axle descriptions courtesy of Dynatrac.
How an Auburn Gear ECTED Locker Works
A detailed description of what takes place to make the ECTED Locker 'lock'.

Body & Frame

POR-15 - Frequently Asked Questions
An FAQ to understanding how POR-15 products can help you.
POR-15 Coverage Information
Information on how much POR-15 to use for a given surface.
POR-15 Application Procedures
Simple tips on getting the most out of using POR-15.
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 87-88 Jeep Wrangler YJ
A table showing how to read the VIN for your Jeep Vehicle.
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 89-95 Jeep Wrangler YJ
A table showing how to read the VIN for your Jeep Vehicle.
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 71-74 Jeep CJ
A table showing how to read the VIN for your Jeep Vehicle.
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 75-80 Jeep CJ
A table showing how to read the VIN for your Jeep Vehicle.
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 81-86 Jeep CJ
A table showing how to read the VIN for your Jeep Vehicle.
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 97-03 Jeep Wrangler TJ
A table showing how to read the VIN for your Jeep Vehicle.
History of the Vehicle Identification Number "VIN"
History and description of what, and where, a VIN is.
Decal & Sticker Installation
Simple instructions on installing your decals or stickers.

United Four-Wheel Drive Associations

First Time Jeep Owners Guide

Rugged Ridge Modular Bumper Combos


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