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by Matt Konkle
Quadratec Channel Editor

The bumpers emerge from crowded cardboard boxes one at a time, and make their way to green-clothed tables thanks to strong hands and a steady stream of grunts or groans. Heavy things, these bumpers. But they are expertly slid into place and sit quietly under a snow-white tent, waiting. Hoping, even, for someone to take them home.

And chances are, someone will.

Because finding that lucky open box bumper. Discovering those perfect sidebars, or grille. Even snagging some tires and wheels. They are just some of the great things about Quadratec’s annual Tent Sale.

This year’s version is Saturday, October 12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the company’s West Chester, Pennsylvania headquarters. It is a transformation day, a time where parking lots all around fill up with every kind of Jeep imaginable, and everyone is a Jeep enthusiast.

”We’ve been doing this a long time now and we really feel our tent show has something for everyone,” said Quadratec's Outside Events Coordinator Craig Jaros. “You have many of the area’s nicest Jeeps here, some of which will be on display right as everyone walks in, and you have our industry’s biggest vendors, as well as their products, all in one place. “

”We are really excited to present our signature event this year and give our customers a great chance to interact with Quadratec, our vendors and each other."

Admit it—you can see the day playing out right now in your mind. The smell of food in the crisp October air. Music playing. Kids laughing as they bounce inside an inflatable obstacle course. Vendor tents no matter which way you turn. The way those tickets feel in your hands as you decide which raffle you want to win.

All of it enough to make you fall in love with your Jeep, well, all over again.

So if you are planning to make a date with your vehicle, here are 14 reasons why this is an event that can’t be missed:

Open Box Finds

Not unlike a good barn find, our Scratch & Dent deals are undiscovered beauties until you, ehm, discover them. It is also an area that is normally the busiest spot at the event, and for good reason as the deals can be pretty friendly. We spend pretty much all year collecting these items that, for one reason or another, have found their way back to us. We're talking things like bumpers, side bars, lights, light bars, fenders, seats, seat covers; the list goes on and on. It could be something just as the name implies — items that arrived back scratched or dented, possible from shipping. Or perhaps a part that came back missing hardware or slightly torn. But in the end it doesn't really matter how—it is the result that matters. And that result is a break on your wallet.

If you can’t get here right away in the morning to check these products out, no worries. We’ll refill the area a few times throughout the day.

Overlanding Advice

You’ve surely heard the term before, right? If not, overlanding is something like camping on steroids. Where you take your vehicle, head off and spend a few days, weekend, weeks, or longer, living out of your vehicle.

For some, that may mean camping with friends and family just off the trail. For others, it could be a trip around the country in their Jeep—complete with rooftop tent and a vehicle full of supplies.

If this concept is intriguing, then make sure to stop and see Mike Kelly, owner of Wheelers LLC. Not only can he give you some overlanding background and tips, but he can also recommend products and places to go as you learn about the activity.

Off-Road Consulting

With more Jeeps than ever on the road, there are more and more people each day who decide they really want to take their vehicle off pavement. Which is great. However, what is even better is to have accurate, informative advice on how to drive that vehicle off-road, as well as what to expect and what you may need.

This is why the Off-Road Consulting booth is a great spot to spend some time around during our tent sale. Whether you are a straight-up beginner and really want to know what it is all about, or if you have specific questions about your Jeep and what it can handle, Kyle Buchter and team have a proven track record of success in the off-road environment.

Plus, if you want to get the full experience, you can sign up for one of their future Offroad 101 classes at either Rausch Creek Off-Road Park or Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.


You may think our annual tent sale is like any other event out there, where you park and simply walk up to the show to check things out. And, sure, if that’s what you want to do then fine. But let us suggest spending some time walking around that parking lot. Take a look at all the different Jeep builds out there.

Many will have camping chairs set up around them, almost like a tailgate atmosphere, as many long-time attendees realize that their own modification knowledge can be passed along to others. Plus, they get to show off their Jeep because, let’s be honest, we are all proud of what we drive, right?

So definitely soak in that knowledge as there will most likely be someone that has done a modification that you have been planning. Or maybe you see something that you’ve never even thought of doing.

Perhaps you’ve already done everything to your Jeep, and just like checking out all the different models. New and old. Gladiator, CJ, Willys, whatever. They will all be around for our tent sale, pretty much everywhere you look.

New Product Deals

Come for the Jeeps, stay for the products. Something like that, anyway. Because, after all, when you get all these new modification ideas then you need a place to grab products. And why not at the show? All attendees receive a special 10 percent discount on any new order, and we have an order desk, as well as warehouse staff, ready to go so you can quickly get what you need with that discount.

Then, if it is something heavy like a winch, bumper, sidebars, rack, etc., we’ll even drive it right out to your vehicle so there is no lifting involved.

WMMR / Paul Jaxon

You may have already heard the advertisements over the past few weeks, but in case you have not—we are hosting our friends from top Philadelphia radio station WMMR from 9 a.m to 11 a.m. on our tent show morning. Additionally, PM Drive Time Personality Paul Jaxon, head of Jaxon’s Jeep Club, will be around to talk Jeep along with his 2020 Gladiator. If you haven’t seen the new Jeep truck yet, this would be a great time to check out the vehicle when it is all dressed up.

Vendors / Advice

Knowledge is power in just about everything. So when it comes to picking out products that will really make your Jeep ownership experience more enjoyable, then getting that knowledge first hand from respective vendors is definitely important.

And with over 40 of the industries biggest vendors setting up shop for our tent sale, you are all but guaranteed to get the advice you need on just about everything for your Jeep.

Then, with information in hand, you can make that educated product buying decision to make your days as a Jeep owner so much more enjoyable.

Catalog Cover Picture

Everyone loves pictures. They serve as a great memento to remember your day with us (besides those new Jeep products) and we know from past experience that you take plenty of them during the tent show to share with all your friends.

We take it a step further though, thanks to our talented photography staff.

When you stop by our photo studio, you’ll have the chance to star right on your very own Quadratec Catalog cover. That’s right. We’ll set you up inside one of our JL Wrangler photo vehicles and let you choose just how you want to look on camera. Then, we’ll print out the photo so you can take it home and attach to the fridge.

Or, if you are feeling competitive, hold it up against your friends’ catalog cover page. See who has the best, ehm, photogenic chops.

Live Music

Music while you shop. Music while you check out each vendor booth at our annual tent show. It really isn’t an event unless you have some nice music playing in the background.

Well, not only will WMMR be out to spin some tunes during the event’s morning portion, but Quadratec’s Art Manager Bob Jara will be playing live music as well. Jara headlines at several area establishments and has a strong affinity for country music, but will also cover several other musical genres.

Stuff for the kids

Hopefully, your children share the same Jeep affinity as you, but just in case, there are several kids’ activities that do not involve the word Jeep. Children can show off their artistic abilities by participating in complementary pumpkin painting, or turn athletic inside some inflatable bounce house obstacle courses. We will even have face painting available, and our Team Quadratec Racing Buggy ready to go for kids to check out and have a picture taken inside.

Hauk Wrecker Concept

Those who know Kenny Hauk, or have Hauk Designs / River Raider products, know just how talented the man is at designing and fabricating one-of-a-kind vehicles. Well, this year we will have his 1946 Dodge Power Wagon ‘The Wrecker’ on display. You may have seen it in a Jeep publication, or earlier this year at the PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show, but now is your time to see this masterpiece in person. Oh, and it breathes fire, too.


You can work up quite an appetite sifting through Jeep parts, interacting with vendors or helping your kids paint some pumpkins. So we've brought in a few food trucks to help you make it through the show. Setting up for the day will be Southbound BBQ for those who love fantastic Texas-style BBQ, as well as Chillin that will satisfy your chili cravings with several chili-insipired dishes.

Benefit Raffle / Camp Out For Hunger

It certainly gets the blood pumping to find a good open box deal, or just that new set of sidebars you wanted. But giving back to the community can be just as important. That’s why our raffle proceeds head straight to the Philadelphia chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. And this year aims to be the largest event raffle we’ve ever had, with all kinds of prizes up for grabs. We’ll even set them out for everyone to see and bid on, as this is not a one-size-fits-all raffle. You can choose exactly what you want to win. Raffle times vary throughout the day, so make sure to stop by the raffle area to get a list of the day’s times.

Besides the raffle, we will also have canned goods collection boxes for our annual WMMR Camp Out For Hunger Jeep caravan later this year. We collect these products all year long in order to take down to South Philadelphia and compete against the Philadelphia region Porsche Club. So why not stop by and drop off some cans to help out the cause?

Topless For Tatas

While we picked October a long time ago as the signature month for our tent sale, this month is also meaningful for anyone battling, or who has a friend or family member who is fighting, or has fought, breast cancer. The American Cancer Society says more than 3.5 million women are currently living with breast cancer and women in the United States have about a 1-in-8 chance of developing some form of breast cancer in their lifetime.

That’s why we partner with Topless for Tatas for their fantastic trail event in August at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park, as well as during select Jeeps and Java Sundays during the year. But it is also why we ask them to come out each October to our tent sale because we know many of you, like many of us, have been touched by breast cancer in some way and want to donate or purchase merchandise. Not to mention, TFT’s check donation announcement for breast cancer research is a highlight for everything accomplished during the year.

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