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It has been a few months since Jeep Brand Head Mike Manley confirmed a Wrangler pickup was in the works.

Plenty of time for us to imagine the vehicle in our driveway.

But with a late 2018 production date as an estimate, it will most likely be some time before we see the actual finished product.

However, that is not stopping the folks over at TopSpeed from rendering their own images based off what they believe will happen.

Some excerpts:

Both the Wrangler and Wrangler pickup will share the same chassis, drivetrain, interior, and most exterior parts, keeping costs down and maintaining the Wrangler image across both vehicles. The pickup will likely be available only as a crew cab, short bed configuration, built off the Wrangler Unlimited chassis.

Jeep will likely have to extend the Wrangler’s frame to accommodate the extra length needed for the bed. This means a longer, more stable Wrangler for on-road driving and trailer towing, but a slightly less maneuverable and (dare I say) capable Wrangler for off-roading adventures. It’s the break-over angle that will suffer the most, making the Wrangler pickup more vulnerable to high centering.

As for the name, Jeep could resurrect the Scrambler name, a moniker that dates back to the CJ-8 of the 1980s. There’s also the Gladiator name, most recently seen on the Wrangler-based pickup concept from 2005. Regardless of its name, the Wrangler pickup will be an exciting addition to the Jeep lineup.

You can catch the entire article here.


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