The 6th Annual Topless for TATAs Charity Wheeling Event was held this past weekend at Rausch Creek Offroad Park in Tremont, Pennsylvania. As usual we had a blast and we're always glad we get a chance to be part of such a great event. Who are we kidding, it would pretty hard for us to not attend an event with TOPLESS and TATAS in the name, right? Seriously though, breast cancer affects so many of us personally that it's the least we could do to help out with the event. My mother is a breast cancer survivor herself, so I make it a personal point to attend every year and support the cause. For those not familiar with the event, Topless for TATAs is an annual wheeling event that brings together off roaders from all around the country to provide a safe place to go wheeling and to raise awareness about breast cancer. The event started in 2009 with only 65 4x4's, but it has grown exponentially over the years. In 2013, 585 vehicles showed up and over $26,000 was raised! This year, a goal of raising over $30,000 has be set. The event is held every year at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. There has even been a trail specially cut and named for the event, that has been designed to symbolize the mental and physical battle a cancer patient must endure, with each new turn bringing a different obstacle and challenge, and with different paths available to decide how far you want to push yourself and your Jeep®. All along the trail are name plates of sponsors for the event over the past few years, as well and ribbons and nameplates to symbolize the fight, and give hope for those who are currently battling breast cancer, and for those who have lost the fight.