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Facebook Screen Grab

by Matt Konkle
Quadratec Channel Editor

Eyes too big for your stomach. You’ve heard the saying at some point before, right? Maybe you’ve even told it to your kids as they sit and stare at the plates and plates of food they’ve ordered. Good luck. Eat away.

Well, usually that just means some food left over for later, but on the trail it can mean getting yourself stuck when you try and tackle an obstacle too much for your vehicle. If so, hopefully you have friends or a good trail group that can help.

If not, you get this.

From Facebook land, somewhere out there on the asphalt trail, we have a blue Wrangler Unlimited that is working to traverse the icy obstacle known as ‘Snow Miser’. At first glance, it looks like the Jeep has some good, practical features on it like larger tires, a lift kit, and hitch to plug in a D-ring and tow strap – if needed. Sound items to help get past whatever you may encounter in your parking lot adventures.

Well, the Facebook video kicks in sometime after the driver popped his Jeep’s driver side front end up and over Snow Miser, and nicely depicts a high-centered Wrangler struggling to find its way along. Er, not that we know anything about that. At first, we thought the vehicle looked like a two-wheel-drive edition which could be part of the traction problem. But since then, the 2008 JK has been confirmed as a four wheel drive. Albeit a four wheel drive with open differentials, so all that engine power is headed to the wheel with least resistance; the rear driver side one that just keeps spinning in the video.

Apparently, neither the person recording the video, nor the other two onlookers, have a vehicle that could help tug the Wrangler off that snowy obstacle. Or, if they do, they just want to enjoy watching a mall crawler in distress.

Hopefully, by now, that snow and ice has melted and the driver has learned a valuable lesson.

Don’t listen to your eyes all the time. Let the stomach call the shots sometimes.


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