Excited Jeepers from 12 states and Canada converged on Coal Township, Pennsylvania, May 12-14 for Jeep Jamboree's Coal Mountain event at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA).

And Quadratec, as well as Off Road Consulting, were proud to welcome the 90 registered Jamboree participants with plenty of goodie bags containing key chains, magnets, pens and other knickknacks during Thursday's registration.

The participants ranged from first-time Jeep Jamboree attendants, to one woman named Joan who was making her 32nd Jamboree event - with the dash plaques to verify.

Friday Morning brought an overcast, foggy, and rainy start to the Coal Mount Jamboree but that certainly didn't damper anyone's mood. Quadratec was assigned to trail guide a blue-rated (moderately demanding) trail group that ranged from a stock JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, an M715 Kaiser, as well as various other great JKs and TJs. Our group lined up and convoyed out of the parking lot and the JJUSA Coal Mountain event had begun.

Right away, the trails were technical with rocky, washed out terrain. Trail guides quickly turned into spotters and Quadratec launched into action by assisting drivers through stubborn obstacles. We were well-prepared, though, for whatever the trails had in store for our group thanks to our Quadratec Off-Road Recovery Kit.

As the group navigated through the trails, we found access to an area that had various-sized dirt mounds with tight twist and turns. This particular obstacle took some time to get the vehicles through and, with a bypass available, the M715 decided to sit this obstacle out.

The last vehicle to go through was the stock JK. While they considered bypassing, they ultimately decided to give this obstacle a go. However, the JK quickly became high-centered. After trying a few maneuvers to reposition with only negative results, the group decided its next step was to recover the vehicle to avoid damage. Out came the Quadratec tow strap and, with a little help from a modified XJ, the Wrangler JK was ready to continue.

Following this obstacle, and a steep uphill climb, we proceeded up a tight, twisty challenging hill with washouts and various rock faces. These trails though were just a warm up for what the trail guides had planned for the afternoon.

The next obstacle was a rocky section that was rutted and muddy. After one JK broke its u-joint, Quadratec helped pull the broken vehicle back to the AOAA office, while bringing along the M715 and the stock JK to meet up with a green-rated trail ride group.

During lunch, we were able to get acquainted with the new group, then were quickly back on track and finally able to put some time actually driving on the trails.

Our group navigated its way through the green AOAA trails past an area called Timber Town, which is a tight, technical narrow trail system with trees just waiting to jump out at your vehicle. With some careful driving and spotting through the narrow trails, we made it to more scenic areas.

One JK did slice a tire thanks to an annoying rock section, but with trail guide and Quadratec assistance, we were able to change the tire on the trail in about five minutes.

We quickly continued on to areas such as "Helmet Hill" and "Tunnel of Love". There is certainly something to be said about the green trails at AOAA as they are technical and challenging, but fun and enjoyable at the same time.

Returning to the parking lot at day's end, our new friends were thankful Quadratec and Off Road Consulting joined them for the second half of the ride. Everyone left with stories that they would remember for a lifetime.

Saturday arrived with much better weather and we were asked to help out with the Mud Mining green-rated trail group. We certainly were excited since we had so much fun with this group Friday.

The morning remained perfect so, with jeep tops down, our 16 vehicles navigated through a variety of trails, rocks, uphill and downhill climbs, and then to "Mini Mud Road". Boy did this trail live up to its name! This large play area is a mud-lovers dream.

After playing around in the mud for awhile, our group continued on for an afternoon of fun trail riding through the AOAA. During the afternoon some rain showers arrived and we stopped to prepare our vehicles for the approaching weather. With our Quadratec LED headlights beaming, we were able to navigate through the heavy rain showers without any visibility issues.

Following Saturday's trail ride, we were entertained at dinner by Coal Mountain Spring Jeep Jamboree Coordinator Steve Risk. A few awards were given out to those who had the most damage and who had traveled the farthest.

Quadratec was then asked to say a few words as a sponsor of the Jeep Jamboree, and we also had some Quadratec LED Headlights to give away. We thanked the coordinator, trail guides and, most importantly, the participants for attending Coal Mountain's Spring Jeep Jamboree.

We then couldn't think of anyone more deserving to receive the Quadratec LED lights than Joan. She was actually late for the dinner as she was fixing her jeep herself following Saturday's blue ride, but was delighted to received the Quadratec LEDs.

Folks like Joan are what the Jeep Jamborees are all about, and they are role models for future Jeep Jamboree participants and the four-wheeling community.

While the days of Jeep Jamboree trails being filled with YJs and TJs may be dwindling, giving way to JKs and Cherokee Trailhawks, in the end we all have one thing in common.

We all love to four wheel and the Jeep Jamboree events bring us together for a weekend.