Over the past couple years Jeep has been getting their foot in the aftermarket game through their line Jeep Performance Parts. They started with wheels, axles and lifts but now offer much more. New this year is a big brake kit that actually uses production components from a Ram 2500 truck and even a winch! Some of the other parts they offer include bumpers, winch mounts, tire carriers, rock rails, tow kits, differential covers, cold air intakes and recovery gear. Now why is all this impressive? Its impressive because of the quality. They are putting their aftermarket products through the same rigorous tests all OEM parts are subjected too. Every part goes through thorough testing for extreme conditions. They expose the parts to every element and temperature possible to cover every scenario. The new winch was even put through a salt corrosion test to ensure the finish is of the highest quality. Mopar really is setting the bar high with Jeep Performance Parts and we can wait to see more!