Photography By: 

by Matt Konkle
Quadratec Channel Editor

Do you ever wish you could take exceptional photos of your Jeep, or off-road adventures, instead of the bland and out of focus shots you struggle to get now?

What about winch knowledge and recovery skills? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you weren’t sure how to safely pull your (or another one of the groups’) Jeep out of a tough spot?

Maybe you wish you could do both at the same time. Well, er, we definitely do not recommend that as an option.

However, we are excited to announce our next Jeeps and Java event—Sunday, September 8—will offer instructional photography sessions, as well as winch and recovery seminars alongside our traditional coffee, doughnuts, games and raffle.

Quadratec In-House Photographer Brooke Smith will offer tips and advice on how to best use your smartphone to capture the kind of pictures you really want to have of your Jeep and its adventures. From simple things like keeping the lens on your camera clear of debris, to framing, cropping, perspective and the rule of thirds.

Then, the next time you find yourself taking photos of your Jeep and using those tips, make sure to tag @Quadratec and use hashtag #quadprophoto. At the end of September, we will select one winner to receive a $50 Quadratec gift certificate.

Additionally, our good friend Kyle Buchter from Off-Road Consulting will go over important winch basics and recovery tips that every off-road driver—from novice to expert— should know. Items such as how to correctly spool and retract winch cable. Differences between synthetic and steel cable for recovery. Reasons and best practices for dampening a winch line. Correctly attaching a winch hook or other device to recovery points. As well as a host of others.

So make sure to save the date on September 8 and come see us at our West Chester, Pennsylvania, headquarters. Grab some doughnuts and coffee, see some impressive Jeeps throughout the parking lot, play some games, and perhaps learn a thing or two that will help you better enjoy the vehicle you love.

Hope to see you there.

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