It is not exactly over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house, but the Quadratec sponsored Obstacle Course at this weekend's 21st-annual PA Jeeps All Breeds Show in York, PA will definitely provide a fun test for those looking to challenge their ride.

Whether your Jeep is bone stock, or a massively lifted trail wrecker, the Quadratec Obstacle Course has specially designed sections to get every type of Jeep off the pavement, a little dirty, and keep everyone entertained.

All without having to keep an eye out for that annoying wolf.

“It’s really a fun thing to watch, when all those Jeeps are all lined up and ready to hit the course,” says Quadratec Outside Events Coordinator Craig Jaros. “The course is one of the more entertaining things we do during the year, and it’s important for us as well because we love seeing these products we sell in action on all the Jeeps out there.”

All Jeeps will be inspected upon entry to the course, Jaros said, to ensure everyone’s safety.  The course opens noon Saturday through 5 PM for registration and riding, and 8 AM Sunday through 2:30 PM.  Cost for the obstacle course is $30 per day, which also includes access to an RTI Ramp to measure your vehicle's suspension, frame, and tire compression flexibility.

You can find event registration and information for the PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show here.

Other events during the All Breeds Jeep Show weekend include Jeep safety, recovery, and driving demonstrations, a Jeep Show & Shine, vendor/manufacturer sales section, family activity area, the RTI ramp, and a raffle with over $20,000 in prizes.

All proceeds from the raffle benefit the York County Veterans Association.

Quadratec will also, once again, have fully stocked booth at the show's sales section where customers can ask product questions, talk shop, and take advantage of show discounts.

“It is just another way for us to show we aren’t just voices on a phone, or some impersonal website,” Jaros said.  “We’re Jeep fanatics too and these events are just as fun for us.”    

The Quadratec obstacle course will have three different rated sections – Green, Blue and Black:

GREEN sections are intended for stock Jeeps;
- A front or rear tow point is strongly recommended.
- Battery tie downs are MANDATORY, bungee cords are not acceptable.

BLUE sections are intended for Jeeps with;
- Minimum 33” tires
- Front and rear tow points
- Battery tie downs are MANDATORY, bungee cords are not acceptable
- Airing down of tires is recommended

BLACK sections are for Jeeps with;
- Minimum of 35” tires
- Front and rear lockers
- Front and rear tow points
- Battery tie downs are MANDATORY, bungee cords are not acceptable
- Airing down of tires is strongly recommended

All Drivers & Passengers on the Obstacle Course must follow a “Code of Ethics” which includes:

1) Everyone must wear their wristbands at all times during the event.
2) Seat belts are mandatory at all times for everyone in the Jeep.
3) Keep hands and feet inside the Jeep at all times during the event.
4) Watch and listen to the “spotters”. They are here for everyone's safety.

PA Jeeps Inc. is a local, non-profit, educational organization which strives to protect everyone’s right to use public lands, not only for safe off-highway driving but also for hiking, horseback riding, camping, etc.

PA Jeeps Inc. was established in July of 1992 by a small group of friends. Today, their “friends” have exceeded the 115 mark and are continually growing. They are funded by membership dues, fund raising events and contributions. PA Jeeps Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors, which serves without compensation, and a staff of Officers.

They offer everything from family-oriented trail rides to Show-N-Shine type of events... something for everyone.


About Quadratec:

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