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Learn How to Drive Your Jeep Off-Road

Instructional Off-Road 4X4 Class Overview

Off-Road Consulting offer classes each month at various terrain park locations for any off-road enthusiast, whether a beginner or avid wheeler. Off-Road 101, 201, 301, Winch & Recovery and Overland Training Classes are held on weekends and are available in group sessions or 1 on 1 with an instructor. Classes are open to all types of 4X4 vehicles from stock to heavily modified. You will receive expert advice from skilled, certified instructors who will guide you and your off-road vehicle through some beginner to expert level trails while teaching you how to traverse common trail obstacles along the way.

Off-Road Consulting Instructor Guidance.

If you have a fever and the only prescription is more dirt, then you don't want to miss this class!

Off-Road 101 4X4 Class Trail Basics

Off-Road 101 Classes aren't just about navigating obstacles, they offer a wide range of technical training as well. Sure, driving off-road can be a leasurely experience or it can be extremely challenging, especially when you get stuck, break something or blow out a tire. Depending on what level of 4X4 driving you are looking for, the instructors at Off-Road Consulting will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to get you off the pavement and riding on the trails.

Basic Training Coverage:

  • Trail Etiquette
  • Radio Communication
  • Trail System Navigation
  • Off-Road Vehicle Protection
  • Tire Pressure Regulation
  • Trail Hazard Awareness
  • Basic Winching/Recovery
  • Emergency 4X4 Trail Maintenace
  • Overall Trail Safety

How To Register

To sign up for any of the Monthly Off-Road Instructional 4X4 Classes, contact Off-Road Consulting at (570)233-2643 or visit their website at Whether contacting by phone or through the message form on their website, let the staff know that you are intersted in any of the Off-Road Instructional Driving Classes and they will get you set up! They can even visit you at your own location!

What to Expect from Off-Road 101 4X4 Class

Off-Road Instructional Driving Class will begin early A.M. and continue throughout the day with a break for lunch midday. Lunch will NOT be provided so bring something to eat along with plenty of fluids to keep hydrated as regular driving isn't very physically demading, however driving off-road can be exhausting.

Here is what you can expect throughout the day with the Off-Road 101 4x4 Beginner Class...
To kick off the class, the instructor will have you and or the group converge, meet other enthusiasts and go over that day's itinerary before heading out to hit the trails!

Each participant will be given a two way radio so that the you are able to communicate while being guided to your first trail obstacle as well as throughout the rest of the day. The instructor will have you begin the first trail ride by leading the class through a (GREEN) beginner trail.

The instructor will carefully demonstrate the capabilities of each 4X4 vehicle, ensuring driver familiarization and comfort in knowing what to expect while navigating obstacles such as steep inclines, large rocks or deep water that you will encounter while training later in the day.

Off-Road 101 4X4 Class Obstacle Training

Continuing on as the day progresses, so will the level of obstacle difficulty *(Nothing will be too difficult for a stock vehicle to overcome safely). Below are a few examples of the more common obstacles you will learn about while you are taking the Off-Road 101 Class.

Examples of common trail obstacles.

FLEXING - One of the most common types of obstacles you will prepare for is "flexing" or articulating over uneven ground such as ruts, rocks...or both.
HILL CLIMB - After being instructed on how to manouver over uneven ground, another more common obstacle is traversing a steep grade or hill climb.
DESCENT - Once on top of the hill you just climbed, you will eventually need to get back down. This is yet another common obstacle, that most would assume to be easy, however getting yourself down safely does require some skill.
FORDING - After becoming more comfortable with the capabilities of your off road vehicle, another more difficult obstacle is water. Knowing how to safely cross a body of water is priceless; your instructor will remove the fear factor from this obstacle by leading you from one side to the other, one by one.

Advanced Instructional Driving Courses:

Off-Road 201 Class - This class is designed for those who have a taken the 101 or have been mildly off roading before. Curriculum is driving technique, spotting, basic recovery, reading terrain, using lockers and much more. This class can still be done with a stock vehicle as well as a modified vehicle. The class is behind the wheel with participants driving the obstacles. We also focus on protecting the vehicle in this class and avoid damage. There are group and private classes available. Click contact us at the bottom of page to email for other dates available or to schedule your own. Classes are 5-6 hours long and no special equipment needed.

Off-Road 301 Class - The 301 class is for those who want the next level. These classes are custom designed to participants with a vehicle in a particular class to demonstrate how to improve their skills. It can be as hard or as easy as the drivers prefer. Class is 5-6 hours and no special equipment required.

Winch & Recovery Class - Want to learn how to use your winch and recovery gear?  If you do not have any thats ok, you can use theirs!  This class shows you how to recover vehicles along with the proper way to safely use the equipment to do so.  Winching and recovery can be very dangerous if done incorrectly. Off-Road Consulting will show you the proper way to set rigging as well as teach you everything you need to know ensure protection of the people and vehicles being used.

Overland Training Class - Overland driving is about the whole adventure, the whole experience and the overall destination, not just the individual obstacle or trail.  With this type of driving, skill level and the right gear are key.  This training is designed to help you with vehicle preservation and the essential gear to take along on an overland expedition.

Other classes available:  Advanced Atv Recovery, Trail Repair, Mapping & GPS and much more!

Trail Necessities - Before you get yourself and your Jeep to the terrain park, there are some very useful products that can make your first trail experience that much better. Although these are not required for the class, a few simple purchases can make a big difference along the way. Check out what we would recommend for a beginner's first trail ride!

quadratec-grab-handles.jpg Our Deluxe Grab Handles provide the much needed ergonomic assistance to driver and passenger while climbing in and out of the vehicle. quadratec-floor-liners.jpg Our Ultimate Floor Liners are affordably priced and are cleverly designed to feature the best Limited Lifetime Warranty in the business! quadratec-recovery-kit.jpg The Quadratec Winching Accessory Kit incorporates the basic recovery gear needed when performing common winching tasks.
tire-air-pressure-accessories.jpg Check tire pressures or quickly adjust pressure when you're "airing down" for some off road wheeling. jeep-inclinometers.jpg Gain off road confidence knowing your roll angle and pitch for off-camber and steep inclines/declines. quadratec-folding-shovel.jpg The Quadratec Folding Utility Shovel unfolds to a 23" Military Style Shovel featuring an easy grip handle.