The 2018 Jeep Wrangler spy shots have made their rounds now for nearly a week, but as more people analyze them, more seem to come to the same conclusion.

You are looking at the Jeep Pickup.

Granted, it could just be the mind playing tricks, yet many are certain the camouflaged side, rear and back windows are fakes and are hiding the actual pickup bed.

And the vehicle length, longer than expected even for the next generation Unlimited with an eight-speed automatic, seems to better fit expectations for the pickup. 

Plus, why do the front door and glass appear larger than the back door?  Or the rear door latches appearing lower than the front.

Not to mention the somewhat sloppy fit and downward slope of the rear material.

Maybe Fiat Chrysler engineers thought everyone would care more about the windshield with its raked-back design, or the redesigned rear axle and differential, than what was under the material.

Perhaps they thought we’d just be happy the thing still looked, well, like a Wrangler should.

Then again, it could be they just wanted a good laugh at all the speculation.

Regardless, the engineers do camo up the vehicle for a reason and the shape altering material certainly does its job well.

Is it the Jeep Pickup?  Perhaps. 

FCA will never tell.  But feel free to weigh in with your opinion.