Photography By: 
Rob Jarrell
The Quadratec team rolled into Moab on Sunday around 1:00pm and we headed straight to Twisted Jeeps Rentals to pick up our Jeep. Quadratec teamed up with Twisted Jeeps this year to create a Quadratec Edition 2015 2 door Wrangler Rubicon for the Quadratec team to wheel while in Moab, which will then be available for anyone to rent the rest of the year. The team at Twisted Jeep Rentals did an awesome job putting together the Jeep for us, which features a Rancho long arm suspension as well as Rancho front and rear bumpers and rock sliders. We also added a Quadratec Q9500is Integrated Synthetic winch to the front bumper... just in case. The new Quadratec Rubicon Xtreme wheels and 37" Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 tires are sure to provide plenty of traction on the trail while the Bushwacker Flat Fender Flares will keep the mud and dirt under the Jeep instead of on it. Quadratec LED Headlights and matching LED Fog lights were added to light up the road at night. For a little extra light when we're out on the trail, a 51 inch Quadratec LED light bar was mounted to the windshield with mounting brackets from Hyline Offroad. Of course we added some Quadratec Ultimate Floor Liners to the interior and some extreme grab handles as well to round out the package. While at Twisted Jeeps, we happened to spot the Jeep Wrangler Africa concept cruising by! I know I can't wait to get a closer look at the Jeep booth later this week. We also bumped into the guys from Hot Rod magazine who just happened to be out testing a Corvette Z06 for an upcoming magazine write up. So we let them park the Corvette in the Jeep line-up... for dramatic effect. After picking up the Jeep we headed out to Hell's Revenge to give the Jeep a quick shakedown run. We met up with the guys from Rock-Slide Engineering and headed out on the trail. After a short while, we noticed we actually had a slight problem... our brakes weren't quite 100%. After a quick inspection, we found we had a slight leak from the passenger rear braided brake line. Turns out it was leaking from the crimp where the braided line meets the upper fitting. Since there wasn't much we could do to fix it trail side, we turned around and headed back to the Twisted Jeeps Shop. After a quick swap of the bad brake line with a new one, we were back on our way. Even Quadratec isn't immune to the inevitable gremlins that cause problems when building a new Jeep. It wasn't all bad having to turn back off the trail so soon. When we got back to the trailhead, our friends from Fab Fours were there with The Legend shooting some press photos! If you can make it to the Quadratec BBQ on Tuesday night, this is definitely one Jeep you have to see for your self!