Last week while under my Jeep doing a Steering linkage replacement I noticed my alternator bracket was cracked all the way through, not good.

I now knew right away what my project was. I ordered one, when it came in I got to work. There are only four 9/16th bolts holding the bracket to the body so this replacement is a fairly easy task. I started by loosening the serpentine belt pulley and tightener, they are both 15mm.


Pulley Tensioner

Pulley to Loosen


Once the belt was lose I moved over to the alternator and loosened the two 15 mm bolts holding the alternator to the bracket and the AC. The bolt that goes through the AC does have a nut on the back but you only need to loosen this bolt to replace the bracket, you do have to remove the bottom bolt.


Top Alternator Bolt

Bottom Alternator Bolt


I then removed the four 9/16th bolts holding the bracket to the motor block. They are all pretty easy to get to except for the top back bolt, you have to swing the alternator to the side in order to get that bolt out. 


Bracket Bolt 1

Bracket Bolt 2

Bracket Bolt 3

Bracket Bolt 4 (sorry for the blurry pic)


Once all the bolts are out remove the bracket and put the new one in. I started by lining all the bolts up and hand tightening to make sure everything lined up.


New Alternator Bracket


Once the bracket bolts were tight I tightened the two alternator bolts. Finally, I tightened the belt tensioner until snug then the pulley. That's all there is to it!