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Most of us agree a suspension-lifted Jeep with larger tires is an aggressive and beautiful looking piece of machinery, whether rolling down the road or off in the woods. And yet, for many, this type of set up is impractical.

It could be the daily driver aspect and just having no interest risking damage off pavement. Or perhaps feeling there would not be enough reward against the cost of a new suspension system.

Whatever the reason, you still do have a perfect mod option if you really want to add larger tires on your ride.

With Quadratec's 1.75" coil spacer lift system, you can get the clearance you need to add up to 33" tires - giving you a more aggressive look all without smashing the bank. Now, to be clear, you are able to squeeze this tire size on your vehicle's stock rims, but you will most likely encounter rubbing issues against the flares without some type of lift or new wheels with additional backspace.

This vehicle modification eliminates that problem and also allows you to keep the factory shocks and springs in place, both of which will retain ride quality and further reduce installation time. Plus, the included bump stop extensions help absorb impact and reduce spring compression.

Take a look:

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