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With the new Rock Krawler suspension installed on Rob's Gladiator, the factory brake lines are just a little to short for comfort. That's why Rob is installing a set of extended length Crown Performance Brake Lines and a set of Speed Bleeder One Man Brake Bleeder Screws to make the job of bleeding the brake system quick and easy. Whether you're Jeep is lifted and needs longer brakes lines, or if it's still at the factory ride height, you can benefit from installed a set of Crown Performance Products 5 Layer Stainless Steel Brake Lines. Not only will they improve your brake pedal feel and brake system responsiveness, but they're also extremely durable and reliable. Crown Performance brake line kits feature a five layer construction with a Teflon inner core hose that's Kevlar reinforced to minimize internal friction and volumetric expansion, followed by a protective coating to separate the kevlar from the braided Stainless Steel, then a final protective jacket to protect the Stainless Steel from corrosion or damage. They also use one piece steel fittings on both ends to create a strong brake line, reducing the chances of a leaky fitting. The Crown Performance Brake Lines are DOT approved, compatible with all brake fluids and available in your choice of 8 different colors and in lengths to accommodate no lift up to 6" of lift on most Jeep vehicles!

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