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The line of fifteen52 HD offroad truck wheels offer race-inspired wheel designs with the strength of cast monoblock construction. With four wheels to choose from, the Turbomac HD, Turbomac HD Classic, Analog HD and Traverse HD, one of them will be the perfect compliment to your Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator. The Turbomac HD features a five spoke face with vented outer ring and a simulated beadlock ring, while the Turbomac HD Classic features the same great design with a classic lip in place of the simulated beadlock ring. The Analog HD has the look of a retro "steelie" steel wheel, with the lightweight and strong advantages offered by using modern alloy constuction. Finally the Traverse HD offers a balance of form and function in a great looking and feature packed wheel. The revolutionary RockRing offers protection for the face of the wheel and the valve stem, while the open slots allow water and mud to drain out, instead of being trapped behind the ring.

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