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Alloy wheels for jl
Jeep wheels and tire combos with free mount and balance.

Whether your road is pavement, something other than pavement, or a mix of both - upgrading your Jeep's rims does more than just make you stand out. It can also help your fuel economy, provide extra durability and better handling in all conditions.

But choosing the right one for you is the trick, isn't it? And how do you know it will fit on your vehicle? Or perform the way you want? Well, these days most come in steel or alloy material. Steel is heavier, more durable, and is generally the choice for the off-road crowd. Alloy rims are lighter, give you increased fuel economy, and handle better so daily drivers usually choose these.

If you are looking to 'upsize' to fit larger tires, know that most stock rims are 15-inch, but could be 16, 17, or 18-inches depending on the tires. Rule of thumb, the larger the rim or tire, the more suspension clearance you need which is where lift kits come into play. Then you can check your tire's manufacturer to figure out what width works best, but usually 7, 8, 9, or 10-inch will be the ones to look for. Also, there are backspacing and offset variables to factor and, generally speaking, the lower those numbers, the further out the rim will mount which helps if your vehicle plans include a lift kit and a lot of off-road activity. Finally, choosing the correct bolt pattern is imperative to ensure the proper fit on your Jeep.

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