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Jeep Vehicle 2 Letter Model Designations / Model Codes

This chart explains what Jeep vehicle has what letter designation.
AJ Prototype military Jeep from about 1950.  AJ probably stood for "Advanced Jeep"
BRC 40 The second series of Bantam Prototypes  Built in 1941
BRC 60 "Mark II"  The first seres of Bantam Prototypes  1940-1941
C 101 Jeepster Commando  1966-1971
C 104 AMC Commando  1972-1973
CJ Civilian Jeep 1944-1986
CJ 1 First few prototype civilian Jeeps in early  1944
CJ 2 Second batch of prototype Jeeps  1944-1945
CJ 2A First production CJ, known as a Flatfender   1945-1949
CJ 3A Replaced the 2A   1949-1953
CJ 3B High Hood model  1953-1968
CJ 4 Prototype vehicle that led to the CJ 5    1950 OR 1951
CJ 5 First round fender Jeep  1955-1983
CJ 6 Long wheelbase variant of the CJ 5  1955-1976 Domestic   1955-1981 Export
CJ 7 Longer version of the CJ 5. Included Doors and more comfort  1976-1986
CJ 8 Scrambler  Long wheel base version of CJ 7   1981-1986
CJ 10 Export truck resembling a CJ with YJ grill.  Often used for airport tugs   1982-1985 
DJ 4x2 Delivery vehicle called the Dispatcher. Several versions built since 1956
FC Forward Control Cab-over truck   1957-1965
FJ Fleet Van 4x2 Cab-over truck   1961
GP Ford prototype that followed the Pygmy   G = Gov. Contract P = 80" Recon Car  Built only in 1941
GPA Ford built Jeep  A = Amphibian   1942-1943
GPW Fort Built WWII Jeep built to Willys Design    W = Willys pattern   1942-1945
JK Larger and wider Wrangler replacement   2007 - current
KJ Replacement for the Cherokee in the U.S. Market dubbed the Liberty
MA Willys prototypes that followed the Quad M = Military contract  A = Series  Built only 1941
MB Standardized Willys 1/4 ton Jeep of WWII.   B = Series   1942-1945
MC First post war military variant of the Jeep.  C = Series  Known as the M-38    1950-1955
MD 2nd offshoot of military Jeep.  Basically CJ 5    M38A1  1952-1971
MDA Longer wheelbase version of the MD known as the M170   1954-1967
MJ Pick-up truck variant  of the XJ Cherokee  1986-1992
SJ Wagoneer SUV  1963-1991 or Gladiator J Series Trucks  1963-1987
TJ Coil Sprung Wrangler with more creature compforts  1997-2006
VJ Jeepster  1949-1959
WJ Grand Cherokee 1999-2004
WK Grand Cherokee with IFS  2005 - Current
XJ Mid-sized Cherokee   1984-2001
XK Jeep Commander  7 person SVU  2006 - Current
YJ Square head light replacement for the CJ   1987-1995
ZJ Grand Cherokee released to replace the SJ  1993 - 1998
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