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Hankook Dynapro MT Tire

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The Dynapro MT is designed for serious off-road enthusiasts. Special design features such as tapered "V" shaped tread blocks provide better grip in mud, sand and snow. Unique stone "ejector" grooves along with a rugged shoulder help prevent damage from impacts. It is this attention to design that has help prevent damage from impacts. It is this attention to design that has help make the Dynapro MT the tire of choice for extreme off-roading.
  • Design features

Aggressive, tough tread design.
Gives the traction and power to go anywhere.

  • Side Protection Block

A side protection block from the tread pattern to the center of the sidewall has an appealing rugged look and shields against
the shock of protruding objects. This also improves traction in soft dirt and protects pothole damage.

  • Wide Tread

The footprint has been enlarged (7~8% increase than comparable products) to resist uneven wear while providing the best grip and acceleration under all road conditions.

  • Zigzag Shoulder Lugs

Zigzag shoulder pattern delivers greater offroad traction.

  • Open and Wide Grooves

Grooves are shaped to keep dirt out and provide the greatest grip.

Installation Notes
Installation Difficulty:
Level 4Experts Only

We recommend that tires be installed by a certified installation center.

Installation Time: Less than an hour
Parts Included

1 Radial Tire

  • Rim Size: 15.0 or 16.0 or 17.0 or 18.0 or 20.0 or 22.0
  • Tire Height: 31.00" or 30.00" or 33.00" or 32.00" or 34.00" or 35.00" or 37.00" or 38.00"
  • Tire Width: 10.6 or 9.5 or 12.2 or 9.1 or 10.8 or 11.6 or 11.5 or 12.7 or 13.0 or 12.9 or 13.6 or 12.5 or 15.4 or 9.9 or 8.5 or 12.3 or 11.0 or 10.0
  • Published Size: 31x10.50R15 or 30x9.50R15 or 33x12.50R15 or 235/75R15 or 35x11.50R15 or 265/75R16 or 285/75R16 or 295/75R16 or 305/70R16 or 285/70R17 or 315/70R17 or 325/60R18 or 37x12.50R18 or 37x13.50R20 or 35x12.50R20 or 37x13.50R22 or 38x15.50R18 or 38x15.50R20 or 245/75R16 or 215/85R16 or 315/75R16 or 35x12.50R17 or 35x12.50R18 or 275/65R18 or 37x12.50R17 or 255/75R17
  • Tire Style: Radial
  • Max Wheel Width: 9.5 or 8.5 or 10.5 or 10.0 or 11.0 or 11.5 or 12.0 or 14.0 or 7.5
  • Min Wheel Width: 7.0 or 6.0 or 8.0 or 8.5 or 9.0 or 10.5 or 6.5
  • Published Diameter: 31 or 30 or 33 or 32 or 34 or 35 or 37 or 38
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Hankook Dynapro MT Tire Options

Part NumberCatalog #OptionPrice
2000789 MT92620.000031X10.50R15$201.99
2000976 MT92620.000130X9.50R15$177.99
2000977 MT92620.000233X12.50R15$237.99
2000978 MT92620.0003235/75R15$172.99
2000980 MT92620.000432X11.50R15$212.99
2001027 MT92620.0006265/75R16$239.99
2001028 MT92620.0007285/75R16$247.99
2001219 MT92620.0008295/75R16$259.99
2001220 MT92620.0009305/70R16$277.99
2001222 MT92620.0010285/70R17$274.99
2001223 MT92620.0011315/70R17$321.99
2001226 MT92620.0012325/60R18$371.99
2001227 MT92620.0013325/60R16$362.99
2001275 MT92620.001537X12.50R18$447.99
2001276 MT92620.001637X13.50R20$482.99
2001277 MT92620.001735X12.50R20$421.99
2001278 MT92620.001837X13.50R22$552.99
2001280 MT92620.002038X15.50R18$419.99
2001281 MT92620.002138X15.50R20$559.99
2001283 MT92620.0022245/75R16$217.99
2001286 MT92620.0024215/85R16$187.99
2001295 MT92620.0026315/75R16$291.99
2001297 MT92620.002735X12.50R17$299.99
2001298 MT92620.002835X12.50R18$427.99
2001300 MT92620.0029275/65R18$329.99
2001301 MT92620.003037X12.50R17$397.99
2001560 MT92620.0033255/75R17$244.99
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