Photography By: 
Phil Howell
Jeep unveiled a handful of awesome concepts again this year at the 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari including the Crew Chief 715, a 4 door pick-up sporting a retro front grill and unique perforated bed. The FC 150 Heritage Concept, an original FC body mated to a 2005 Wrangler frame and 4.0 liter engine. The Shortcut, a CJ-5 inspired take on the 2 door JK Wrangler with a shortened body, minimalist sport bar and interior and retro design cues. The Trailcat, a 2 door JK Wrangler with the monstrous 6.2 liter HEMI Hellcat V-8 engine with 707 horsepower stuffed under the hood. The Comanche, based on the Renegade, named after the beloved Cherokee pick-up truck from the past, featured a 2.0 liter diesel engine and was transformed into a small off-road ready pick-up truck. And finally the Renegade Commander, and the Wrangler Trailstorm, both showcasing Mopar Performance Parts currently available as an example of a Jeep that you could buy and build today!