On Wednesday, Truck-lite and Off Road Evolution invited us along to hit Kane Creek trail. Some of our other friends from Skyjacker and Rock Krawler came along as well. Kane Creek was a fun trail that took us through some different scenery than what you get use to here in Moab. The trail follows the creek through the canyon, taking us up one side of the canyon wall, then back down to the floor. We snaked along the creek, crossing back and forth dozens of times for some fun refreshing water crossings. Then the trail gets a little technical as it heads up the other side of the canyon wall for some challenging rock climbs and spectacular views! Just be sure to keep your eyes on the trail, the drop isn't one you'd want to go over! After making our way back down the canyon wall, there's a few more challenging rock climbs and the trail snakes along the creek until finally making it back to Highway 191 South of Moab.