Metric Conversion - Millimeters to Inches - Millimeters x .03937 = Inches

Weight Conversion - Pounds(lb) to Kilograms(kg) - 2.2046lb = 1kg

Caster Kit - The OMECA77B & CALR1/2 kits consist of 4 eccentric bushings which are pressed into the leading arms of the vehicle. This will induce positive caster into the front geometry after fitting the raised suspension.

Coil Springs - Driver's or Passenger's side is shown on the individual coil only where applicable. This is to compensate on those vehicles with uneven weight distribution. Remember that the drivers side in Australia is our passenger side here in the US.

Gear Box Packer Kit - Designed to space down the gearbox cross member from the chassis to reduce tail shaft flange angle there by reducing drive line vibration.

Greasable Shackles - Replacement for original shackles allow easy regular greasing of polyurethane bushings.

Leaf Spring - A & B springs are used to compensate for uneven vehicle weight distribution. Springs marked A have a greater camber height than springs marked B. 'A' type springs are generally fitted to the driver's side and the 'B' type springs to the passenger side.

GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) - Set by the vehicle manufacturer and is determined by brake, axle, differential and tire specifications. Exceeding GVM rating can have legal and safety implications and is not recommended.

Lift Height - Is shown as a guide only and equates to the amount of lift over the vehicle's original ride height. This amount can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Load Rating - Front-Weights shown are the maximum permissible loads with regard to accessories fitted, i.e., bull bars, winches, dual battery, etc

Load Rating - Rear-Light Load: Full passenger load with light luggage weights up to 150 kg.

    Medium Load: Full passenger load with varying luggage weights from 200kg-350kg.
    Medium to Heavy Load: Same as medium load with an increased load carrying to Manufacturer's GVM.

    Heavy Constant Load: The minimum constant load shown is required for optimum Spring performance.

OE - Original Equipment, as supplied by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Spring Bushings - OME polyurethane spring eye bushings on installation must be greased within the bore and flange area and regularly thereafter.

Shock Absorbers - Available in different valve ratings.

Steering Stabilizers/Damper - Designed as improved, original equipment replacement incorporating 50/50 neutral valving.

Trim Packer - Prime purpose is to correct slight vehicle leaning.

Giant 18mm Chromed Shaft - Indestructible for Australia's rugged off roading. Induction hardened then chromed to a super fine finish.

Nitrogen Gas - The gas pressure keeps the oil cohesive under all situations.

Twin Tube Design - New 33% thicker outer tube insures that rocks do not damage internal operating components. This design also allows for a greater volume of oil, which keeps shocks cooler.

35mm Seven stage Compression Valve - Delivers all the subtleties of compression rates for the best ride and handling.

Check Valve Seal - The latest in seal technology, this shaft seal significantly improves gas retention while offering excellent longevity.

Glacier Bush-A Teflon Coated Rod Guide Bush - significantly reduces heat build up in the rod guide area, developed from OME racing programs.

Giant 35mm Teflon Banded Piston - A new four stage coil sprung rebound valve system to control vehicle bounce.

Supplementary Welds - On all mounting eyes & pins for maximum shock absorber strength.

Stone Guard - Protects oil seal and piston rod against stone and dirt damage

Original Mounting -All mounts are of similar design to original stabilizers for ease of fitment.

Foam Cell - Keeps the oil at the valving to prevent fade.

Steel Stone Guard - Protects the piston rod against stone damage.

Twin Tube Design - Protects the internal components against stone damage.

35mm Piston and Bore - Greater oil volume giving better damper performance. Coil Sprung 9 Stage Valving for optimum performance.

Shot Peened - To reduce stress, which greatly enhances spring life.

Double Scragged - Eliminates spring sag.

Variable & Constant Rate - Designs used to obtain optimum ride comfort and load carrying capabilities.

Flat Axle Seat Area - Lowers spring stress while retaining spring free camber height. Unique to most OME springs.

Shot Peened - On the tension side of all leaves to double spring life.

Anti-Friction Inter Leaf Liners - Used where applicable to reduce friction between spring leaves giving better ride comfort and increased spring life.

Reduced Wear - Greasable shackles and pins reduce deterioration, increase bushing life,  also enable easy maintenance and improve ride and handling.

Anti-Inversion Facility - Built in feature on all Land Cruiser shackles.

Premium Grade - Not all bushings are the same- OME bushings are precision molded in captive molds to ensure exact tolerances for long life.

Splines - Ensures the best fit by taking up irregularities in the spring eyes.

Unique Design - Clever lip seal and shoulder design prevents dirt penetrating between bushing shoulder and shackle face.

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