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How to Align Jeep Vehicle Headlights

When lifting Jeeps the headlights are often over looked so use this simple guide to adjust your headlights aiming pionts.

Step 1 - On level ground, put your Jeep vehicle in front of a wall as close as possible.

Step 2 - With tape, put 2 crosses on the wall that correspond with the vertical and horizontal center lines of both headlights.

Step 3 -
Move the Jeep back 25 ft., keeping the Jeep centered with the tape crosses on the wall.

Step 4 -
Examine the light pattern.

Low Beams should be hitting the lower right sections of the crosses.

High Beams should split the cross hairs.

Turn the horizontal and vertical adjusting screws (located on the headlights bucket) to make adjustments.
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