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Let’s face it – shopping for that Jeep enthusiast in your life can be pretty difficult, if not downright infuriating thanks to the sheer amount of products that are out there in the world.

Believe us, we know. After taking a spin through the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center earlier this month during SEMA week, we were amazed at just how many new things vendors were developing for the coming year. And that was mainly just for the JL Wrangler. Add in tons of stuff for the JK, TJ, YJ, CJ, XJ, this J and that J, and its very easy to simply get overwhelmed.

Now some of you are lucky, and either know what Jeep gifts to get, or were given a specific list of what to buy. But based off what we have seen over the years, the vast majority of Jeep gift givers take one look at everything available and just throw their hands up. Or worse. They just pick something random and hope.

Don’t hope what you get will be appreciated.

Have confidence.

We here at Quadratec have worked hard to try and take some of that guesswork and luck out of your holiday Jeep shopping adventures. We’ve looked at the numbers, followed the trends and researched the best sellers our customers and purchasing staff are targeting. We’ve also checked out what is popular at various Jeep events we attend from coast to coast – all to come up with an inclusive shopping list designed to help you grab a bit of praise and accolades from those on your list.

So for the fifth straight year, here are our top buying trends for this holiday season, as well as five categories in each trend.


Overlanding is perhaps the fastest growing segment in the Jeep aftermarket, and mixes camping, overland travel and off-roading together, then rolls it up into one exciting and demanding adventure. For many, it is simply a journey off pavement where you rely exclusively on your vehicle for accommodations and gear for accomplishment. If that sounds like someone on your list, we have the gift solutions:


Sure, there are always those Jeep enthusiasts who can head out on an overland adventure and sleep in their vehicles. But a much better, and much more comfortable, way is to put up a tent. Whether it is a pop up version or something larger mounted to the roof of the Jeep, using a tent gives you the chance to stretch out and relax so you are rested and ready for whatever the day brings. You can check out our tent selection here to find the perfect one.


From camp chairs to trail shovels. Even trail knifes and generators. When that special Jeep lover on your list is out in the wilderness, there are no shortage of things that may come up. Which is why it is always a good idea to be prepared. And with our vast selection of trail gear, you can be sure something will fit the needs of your gift recipient. Check out our Trail Gear page for all the goodies.


That Boy Scout motto 'be prepared' is something that anyone who loves overlanding should know and understand. And if you are looking for the perfect item to give this holiday season for that Jeep enthusiast who loves heading off pavement, then a Jeep Recovery kit can be more than a gift. It can be a lifesaver. Most of these kits are packed with all the recovery essentials needed when off-road - like tow straps, gloves, shackles, winch line dampeners, snatch block and more. Great stuff that is often overlooked by many who think they'll never be in a recovery situation. So check out our Recovery Page and make sure that Jeep owner you know has all the essential recovery stuff they need this holiday season.


After a long day of traveling - whether it be on or off-road, there is nothing nicer than a cold beverage while sitting in that camp chair. Sure, some may go the grocery store route with one of those Styrofoam coolers filled with ice, and hope for the best. But the Jeep enthusiast on your gift list can do better. Right? And better means electric fridge freezers or super insulated coolers. Electric freezers are powered by the vehicle's battery and require no ice - allowing a temperature to be specifically set and maintained. Others are made of roto-molded plastic and have separate pockets to keep dry items separated from ice. No matter which one you choose for your gift recipient, they'll certainly thank you with a frosty toast after that camp site is all setup for the night. Find everything you need on our Jeep Coolers page.


No, for this category we're not talking headlights or tail lights. We mean flashlights or headlamps. The kind of thing that helps in getting around the campsite during the dead of night. Because, you know, there aren't any light switches way off the road on that great overland adventure. Personal flashlights are powerful LED lights that can be either rechargeable or utilize batteries and your gift recipient will definitely thank you when you show them the, ehm, light. Our Light and Lanterns page is perfect to fill out this gift need.


If there is one thing that has been a constant in the Jeep aftermarket world the past few years, it is LED lighting. More affordable than ever, this lighting has taken the baton from halogen and really pushed the envelope as far as quality and functionality. And it is not just for headlights either. LED lighting can be found in taillights, fog lights and even in auxiliary lighting - meaning the Jeep enthusiast in your life can drive smarter, and safer, no matter the conditions.


It is no secret the stock Jeep halogen headlights are dull, dim, pieces of hardware. But until you see just how strong replacement LED headlights are, you may think that Jeep owner on your gift list is getting by just fine with the factory lights. Well, if you really want to make a bright impression, grab a pair of new LED headlights and make sure your gift recipient has the most powerful lighting around. Our Jeep Headlights page can help you find exactly what they need.


Taillights are taillights, right? They light up when you press the brake and announce to everyone around that you are braking. Until the weather isn't the best, and that dim factory red light doesn't penetrate the fog or rain well enough. Well, grabbing a set of LED tail lights makes perfect sense for someone on your holiday gift list. LED tail lights are specially designed to provide the most brillant light around so trailing vehicles know exactly when that Jeep is braking. Safety and security through better lighting. We're sure your gift recipient will approve. Check out our Jeep Tail Light page for all the best deals.


Even though everyone loves driving in the best weather possible, we all know there are those days when rain or fog take over which makes things just a bit more challenging. For those times, we all rely on fog lights to help illuminate the way. But while those lights help spread a wider beam, the stock halogen fog lights just aren't equipped to do much more than throw a weak light out there. That's why affordable LED fog lights have become one of the most popular sellers out there. Your gift recipient will appreciate not only the light quality, but also the ease of installation. It is also the perfect compliment to LED headlights. Our Fog Light page gives you everything you need to help out that Jeep lover on your holiday gift list.


Quick show of hands, how many of you have heard the whole 'Light Bars before Lockers' statement? Well, we all know it is a thing from those off-road drivers who realize lockers are a definite necessity to get through some of the harder obstacles out there. But it also helps to have the best visibility possible, and LED light bars certainly provide that ability for the Jeep enthusiast on your holiday gift list. And it not only means those huge bars that go above the windshield. These days there are all kinds of light bar sizes to compliment whatever look that Jeep owner is trying to achieve. From ones that fit on the front bumper, to hood, to above the windshield, light bars give just the right amount of light when that Jeep is deep into the woods, or on a nighttime trail ride. Check out our Light Bar page for all the best options.


If the Jeep owner on your holiday list is someone who loves spending the weekend out on the trail or doing some back country adventuring, then adding some auxiliary lighting is a perfect way to fill out that gift list. Auxiliary lighting can be spot or flood lights that mount to the Jeep's windshield hinges and help accentuate light thrown from headlights or fog lights. This way, they have a wider and deeper field of vision in order to see any potential hazards or obstacles. Our Auxiliary Lighting page shows you all the options so you can get something perfect for the Jeep enthusiast on your list.

Interior Accessories

Jeep top up or down, it really doesn't matter for the vehicle's interior. It always seems to be under assault from whatever conditions Mother Nature decides to conjure. Things like mud, water, sand, dirt. Even snow and salt. So it is no wonder why interior protection products are always in demand. Beyond that, though, secure interior storage space is always at a premium inside a Jeep. Whether for yourself or that Jeep enthusiast on your shopping list, here are some top interior products:


Jeep seats are affected by the elements more so than just about any other type of vehicle seating. Whenever that top is down, those seats can be assaulted by weather, the sun, or other things like mud and sand. This is why seat covers are a solid option for many Jeep owners. Whether it is neoprene, vinyl, nylon, or some other material, seat covers protect that factory material and will help increase the overall longevity of the Jeep's seats. Plus, with all kinds of color combinations, seat covers can also provide a nice way to customize the vehicle's interior. For all our seat cover choices, check out our Seat Cover page.


Just like Jeep seats, the vehicle's carpeting can also come under attack from the elements. And it doesn't really matter if that top is down, either. Everyday wear and tear can chip away at a Jeep's carpeting just as much as tracking in mud or snow, or accidentally leaving the top down in the rain. So floor liners make an excellent gift for that Jeep enthusiast on this year's shopping list. Most liners are custom made to perfectly fit the Jeep's footwell area, and come with anchors so the liners do not move around. Some are carpeted, while others are rubberized or plastic with grooves to trap moisture. Check out our Floor Liner page for all the great shopping options.


If you haven't figured it out already, getting inside a Jeep is a bit different than just about any other vehicle - especially if the Jeep has been lifted and now sits even higher. That height usually makes it difficult to climb in the vehicle - and that is just with everyday use. Things can be even more difficult on the trail when the Jeep is parked off-camber. So grab handles as a gift is a great way to make sure the Jeep owner on your holiday shopping list can have something to hold on to when climbing aboard his or her Jeep. Some handles are metallic, some nylon. But all will help make life easier. For all grab handle choices, take a look at our Jeep Grab Handle page.


One of the few things people complain about when owning a Jeep is the lack of real storage space. So products like larger consoles, roll bar storage bags, or even underseat consoles can be a great gift for the Jeep enthusiast on your list. Not only do these consoles provide extra space for needed items, but some even come with locking options - which is a big deal for those nice days when the soft top is down and you are away from your Jeep. Take a look at all our Jeep Consoles and Storage Options to find the best one for that Jeep owner on your holiday list.


These days, Jeeps seats can be every bit the equivalent of those inside many luxury vehicles. They provide great lumbar support, are pillow comfortable and keep you in place no matter the bumps and shakes. For the most part, anyway. Truth is, though, not all Jeep seats are created equal and all kinds of older Jeeps didn't have seats with the best comfort or stability. So choosing a new set of seats can make a big different in the driving life of someone on your holiday gift list. Fabric or vinyl. Racing or standard. New seats will have all the support and comfort you can ask for, and are direct bolt in replacements so there is no extra work involved. To see all the Jeep replacement seating options, check out our Jeep Seats page.


Having the right tool for the job is pretty much true in any situation, but having the right tool when installing a Jeep part or to remedy a trail situation can often mean the difference between success and something broken - even getting home safely. Anything from torx socket sets and wrenches, to air compressors and strong jacks can help that Jeep owner on your gift list install pretty much anything on their Jeep, while keeping them ready for whatever situation that may arise - road or trail. Here are some of our top trending options:


Tire deflators are great choice for someone on your holiday gift list who has caught the off-road bug. Tire deflators do just that - they hook up to the tire's valve stem and bring down its psi so the tire performs better off-road. The lower the tire pressure, the more a tire's rubber can stay on a rock or other obstacle - providing much better performance. These things are essential for successful off-roading and to check out every tire deflator option, click over to our Tire Deflator page.


If you want to show someone on your holiday gift list that you care, then giving them a tire repair kit is a perfect solution. It is one thing no one really ever thinks about until they are sitting on the side of the road, or trail, with a flat tire. Tire repair kits include pliers to pull out whatever caused the tire puncture, a reamer to open up the hole and an insertion needle that holds self-vulcanizing rubber threads to repair the damage. Some kits even have replacement valve stems and caps. This is one gift that certainly can come in handy. For all our tire repair kit options, check out the Tire Repair Kit page.


Like we said before, the proper tools can make any job or issue easier to deal with and those Jeep owners on your holiday shopping list will certainly appreciate a proper set of tools. Whether a complete tool kit, diagnostic scanner to determine vehicle issues, replacement torx bits, or simply a multi-tool for those smaller repair jobs, just about everything can be stored inside the vehicle so that a Jeep enthusiast can always have the right tool when they need. For all our Jeep Tool products, check out the Jeep Tool Kits page.


If a bracketed yellow exclamation point shows up on a Jeep's dashboard, it isn't going away on its own. No matter how much that Jeep owner on your gift list says it will. And while a trip to the local gas station can air up a tire, there won't always be a nearby air station should the need arise. A flat tire in the wrong place can leave you stranded for hours, or longer. So either a portable or onboard air compressor is a good way to ensure your Jeep gift recipient is getting something more than just cosmetic. Plus, many off-road trails or parks around the country do not have air stations, so these compressors are fantastic to have in the vehicle to air up tires after a long day off-roading. Check out all our air compressors on our Jeep Air Compressor page.


You may not know this, but the factory Jeep jack is pretty much just like any other car jack - meaning it is really pretty useless and more hassle than help. So any Jeep enthusiast on your gift giving list, especially those who love to head off-road, will definitely appreciate a proper jack. These heavy-duty off-road jacks are capable of lifting any Jeep in order to change tires, as well as helping hold the vehicle in place while other trail repairs are made. And they are extremely durable so they'll hold up well under stress and last for years. For our Jeep jack options, check out our Jeep Jack page.

Jeep Lifestyle

Owning a Jeep is, well, a lot more than owning a Jeep. When you have one, it quickly becomes part of the family. And that's why phrases like 'It's a Jeep Thing' or 'JEEP - Just Empty Every Pocket', become part of the everyday vocabulary. So it is almost natural that those Jeep enthusiasts on your holiday shopping list have no doubt expressed interest in decals to put on their vehicle, or reference books to learn more about them. Even clothing or Jeep logo items like key chains or license plates are hugely popular. The possibilities are endless, but here are some trending options we've noticed this year:


Baseball caps, T-shirts and hoodies. One of the best ways for Jeep lovers to express their devotion to the brand is to proudly wear something like represents it, and you can enhance this emotion with a thoughtful clothing gift for the Jeeper on your shopping list. Maybe it is a shirt with an imprinted slogan. Or the tried-and-true Jeep logo hat. Plenty of clothing options for plenty of tastes. To see all our clothing choices, check out our Jeep Clothing page.


Next time you are sitting in traffic, take a look at all the Jeep vehicles around you and see just how many of them have some sort of decal affixed. Maybe it is on the hood or tailgate. Perhaps even the front quarter panel. Because when it comes to decals or badging, Jeep lovers of all types can always find a place for a neat slogan or special design. Plus, decals are a great way for enthusiasts to customize their vehicles and give them a special look unlike anyone else. And the best part, you can be the one who gave that gift. For all our Jeep Decals and designs, check out our Jeep Decals page.


We know, we know, when it comes to reference materials, it seems like you really can find anything you need online these days. So what good are regular books? Well, we've found that many Jeep owners who love working on their Jeep vehicles, indeed many who even just love reading about them, prefer to actually have that material right in their hands. Whether it is a repair manual, off-road basics book, or even vehicle specific guides, if you have a Jeep owner on your shopping list this year, you can't go wrong with these helpful items. For our entire selection, check out our Jeep Books, Videos and Posters page.


Pure insulated goodness. That's what you could give to that Jeep owner on this year's shopping list. And we mean pure insulated goodness found in Jeep logo cups, can coolers, tumblers and water bottles. All of these guys are designed to fit inside a Jeep's cup holder and are perfect to keep that morning coffee warm, or afternoon soda cold, during the ride to and from work. To check out all our Jeep cup inventory, head over to our Jeep Cups, Glasses and Mug page.


We said it before and we meant it - one can never have too many Jeep logo items. And that is why our Jeep Logo Item page is among the most visited one on our site. From Jeep key chains to replacement keys; license plates and frames to towels, these Jeep collectables are the perfect fit for anyone on your shopping list - especially those enthusiasts. For all our Jeep logo items, take a look at our Jeep Logo Items page.


For other top holiday gifts, make sure to check out our Jeep Gift Guide page.

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