For many Jeep Wrangler JK owners, driving their vehicle is almost like walking a tightrope. That's because they are constantly fighting a battle between the need to daily drive versus the want of having a great off-road vehicle. And while the standard factory suspension generally will give you an adequate balance between both, the reality is there are plenty of lift kits and suspension components that can help you accomplish that goal of having a good off-roading daily driver.

For those looking to lift their JK Wrangler vehicles, there are several options. If you just want to lift your Jeep's sagging front end, then a leveling kit will help. This type of kit provides a simple and effective way to level out the vehicle while providing enough height to accommodate 33- or 34-inch tires. Should you desire to add larger wheels and tires, but do not plan to use your JK Wrangler for off-roading, then a coil spacer lift may work best. This style of lift contains reinforced spacers which attach to the coil springs to help raise the vehicle. New shocks also help keep ride quality factory-like when larger tires and wheels are installed. Then there are full suspension lift kits for JK Wrangler owners who want to fully enjoy the Jeep off-road experience. Suspension lift kits come in a variety of sizes from budget to heavy duty which not only allow for larger wheels and tires, but also change many of the vehicle's suspension parts - such as shocks, springs, bump stops, stabilizer, track bars, sway bars, drop pitman arm, and transfer case lowering kit. Of course, different lifts provide different options, but these all are designed to help give your vehicle the added size, durability, and articulation it needs to conquer the toughest terrain around.

For some JK Wrangler owners, individual suspension components - instead of inclusive lift kits - are also popular as many choose to replace certain components like coil springs or shocks. This way, they can tweak their suspension ride to fit a specific need. Replacement bump stops, sway and track bars, as well as control arms and steering stabilizers are all great individual options as well and are designed stronger than factory to help survive both your on and off-road adventures.

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