What's new for the 2016 Wrangler?

Some new option packages, a little styling change to the Sahara model, and several new special editions all mark the 2016 JK Wrangler in one of its final rounds of upgrades before Jeep releases its next-generation Wrangler in 2018.

For 2016, Jeep still offers its iconic Wrangler in the usual trim editions of Sport, Sport S, Sahara, and Rubicon - all of which are available in Wrangler or Wrangler Unlimited (4dr) versions. But the brand also rolled out numerous special editions – some new and some returning for 2016 including a 75th Anniversary Wrangler, Back Country, Black Bear, Freedom, Rubicon Hard Rock, Willys Wheeler, and Wheeler W model.

Highlights for the 2016 Wrangler across most models include an estimated standard fuel economy of 17(city) and 21(hwy) from its award-winning 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine which also delivers 285hp and 260 ft-lbs of torque. The engine, a three-time winner of the prestigious Ward’s 10 Best Engines award, focuses on low-end torque which is essential for extreme off-roading, while also designed to keep providing oil to the pump even at extreme vehicle angles.

All Wrangler models for 2016 are available in the standard 4x4 or 4x2 designs with a six-speed manual or available five-speed automatic transmission. Tow capacity for the vehicles remain at 2,000 lbs (3,500 lbs Unlimited). In addition, other standard features include the round headlamps, seven-slot grille, wheel flares, removable doors, exposed hinges, fold-down windshield and removable tops that helped identify the brand for many years.

Sport and Sport S ($23,895 base MSRP) remain the best selling editions year after year and for 2016 Jeep offers them with, among other things, 16-inch standard wheels, best in class approach angle (42.2 degrees), Dana 30 front and Dana 44 rear axles and Command-Trac NV241, part-time, two-speed transfer case. An optional Trac-Lok limited-slip rear differential provides extra torque and grip in those low-traction environments like sand, snow or mud.

For the Sahara edition ($29,895 base MSRP), Jeep engineers made changes to the front end by adding satin aluminum surrounds to the headlights and grille slats, as well as matching the front and rear bumpers to the vehicle’s body color. The company also updated the vehicle’s interior by using satin-metallic materials on the steering wheel, grab handle, instrument bezels and vent rings. Some packages even include new olive green leather seats with tan accents. Still standard for the 2016 Sahara Wrangler are Dana 30 front and Dana 44 rear axles, as well as 18-inch wheels.

At the upper end, Jeep is still offering the Rubicon ($33,095 base MSRP) design that features heavy-duty front and rear Dana 44 axles and the Rock-Trac NV241 two-speed transfer case. The Rubicon also includes electric front and rear locking differentials, disconnecting front sway bar and 32-inch tires on 18-inch rims – making this vehicle perfect to traverse any type of extreme terrain you may encounter.

While the 2016 Wrangler vehicles are every bit as powerful as they have ever been on the outside, they are also just as strong inside. With standard 8-speaker audio systems now standard on the Sport and Sport S, as well as 9-speaker systems on the premium Sahara and Rubicon trims, sound quality has never been better. Plus, features like automatic temperature controls, heated premium leather seats, power mirrors and steering wheel controls, USB ports and 12-volt accessory outlets are all offered to provide convenience and functionality.

As well equipped as your 2016 Wrangler is from the factory, there is always room for improvement! You can check out all the available 2016 Jeep Wrangler accessories here.

Jeep Wrangler 2016 JK Specifications


3.6L Pentastar 6 285 hp @ 6,400 RPM 260 lb/ft @ 4,800 RPM 18.6 Gal. (2dr), 21.6 Gal. (4dr) 17 City / 19 Hwy

Drivetrain & Axles

Sport 4x4 NV231 Command-Trac DANA 30 (181 mm) DANA 44 (216 mm)
Sahara 4x4 NV231 Command-Trac DANA 30 (181 mm) DANA 44 (216 mm)
Rubicon 4x4 NV231 Rock-Trac DANA 44 (216 mm) DANA 44 (216 mm)

Weight Capacity

Sport 2000 lbs (2 Door), 3500 lbs (4 Door) 1000 lbs (2 Door), 1190 lbs (4 Door) 3879 lbs (2 Door), 4101 lbs (4 Door)
Sahara 2000 lbs (2 Door), 3500 lbs (4 Door) 880 lbs (2 Door), 996 lbs (4 Door) 4055 lbs (2 Door), 4295 lbs (4 Door)
Rubicon 2000 lbs (2 Door), 3500 lbs (4 Door) 892 lbs (2 Door), 1087 lbs (4 Door) 4132 lbs (2 Door), 4341 lbs (4 Door)


W5A580 5-speed Automatic 23 OUT
NSG370 6-speed Manual 10 IN / 23 OUT

Exterior Dimensions

Sport 163.8" (2 door), 173.4" (4 door) 73.7" (2 door), 73.9" (4 door) 72.5" (2 door), 70.8" (4 door) 95.4" (2 door), 116" (4 door) 8.8" (2 door), 8.7" (4 door)
Sahara 163.8" (2 door), 173.4" (4 door) 73.7" (2 door), 73.9" (4 door) 72.5" (2 door), 72.3" (4 door) 95.4" (2 door), 116" (4 door) 10.3" (2 door), 10.2" (4 door)
Rubicon 163.8" (2 door), 173.4" (4 door) 73.7" (2 door), 73.9" (4 door) 72.5" (2 door), 72.2" (4 door) 95.4" (2 door), 116" (4 door) 10.2" (2 door), 10.1" (4 door)

Exterior Paint Color Codes

Granite Crystal PAU
Hydro Blue PBJ
Sarge Green PGG
Tank PGK
Extreme Purple PHG
Hypergreen PJK
Firecracker Red PRC
Billet Silver PSC
Rhino PSQ
Mojave Sand PTA
Bright White PW7
Pitch Black PX8

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